Saturday, January 19, 2008

IUI Silliness...

So I was thinking about my IUI today since I am exactly 7dpiui (actually almost to the exact hour because DH and I walked out of the docs office 20 minutes ago last week), and then I started thinking of the silly things I do during an IUI 2WW. Of course I take my vitamins and drink water like normal, but check this weird stuff out:

~ The night after the IUI I sleep on the side I know my egg(s) are in hopes the sperm will swim that way (gravity, right? haha)

~Then around 5-7ish dpo I try to sleep on the opposite side to aid any fertilized egg out of my tubes and actually into my uterus (I have a huge fear of ectopic)

~Starting at about 7dpo I squeeze my boobs on a daily basis just to see if they are getting sore or more full.....yeah, this one is fairly standard

~No jumping, bouncing, or heavy lifting (don't want to interfere with implantation you know, sheesh) I still exercise at least 4 times a week, I just forgo my hip hop dance.

~Here's a new one: I am now comparing everything I feel or notice to my last "successful" 2WW. This sucks for several, it gives me something else to obsess over, two, I think it creates a hope that may not have been there before and three, the rational side of me knows this is crazy because even on the off chance this works again it doesn't mean my "symptoms" will be the same.

So, there is my list of completely ridiculous (and sometimes irrational) 2WW oddities, and as strange as this is, I know I'm not the only I want to know, what do you do "different"?


Jen said...

I don't actually do that much different. I refuse to take any type of medicine at all, of course, even Tylenol. But I kind of do everything the same during any part of the month.

nancy said...

I don't do anything different. Except all the things like no drinking, etc. But things like you are talking about? Sleeping on a certain side? heh. Nope, you get the big blue ribbon of insanity on this one! :)

Brianna said...

LOL, this made me chuckle!! I do the boob thing do. This morning I was jumping up and down, without my bra on, to see if they would hurt! I never thought about the different sleeping positions!