Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The good things about yesterday....

Even though my appt. yesterday went crazy with the waiting and the fax confusion, I still love my docs office and here is why:

Number one....the u/s tech yesterday: Although I've had numerous u/s there I have never seen this exact tech, but when she took me back she goes "wow, you must be getting tired of all of these things" and I respond back that I'm an old pro at this stuff, especially since the m/c a few months back. Then she goes (and this is the kicker) "yeah, I know I read that in your chart, I'm so sorry, how long have you been trying?" Holy Cow! This lady actually took the time to look back at my chart, and decide who she was dealing with. Although you would expect this to be the normal practice everywhere, unfortunately it isn't, so I was actually amazed. Then when we get into the room she makes a joke like "well, you know the drill" and I go, "yup, I dream for the day I actually see a doctor and don't take off my pants." She laughed and then a few minutes later we started everything. Then while she was doing the actual scan she was talking to me about my protocol and showing me my follicles. We talked about how I responded a bit different, but everything looked great and she said it appears as if I have four pretty good potentials. Then I told her that was good because anymore than that and I would probably end up canceling. She just hugged me and smiled after that (yes, I'm still half naked for those who are wondering) and wished me good luck.

Number two...... The patients: I know this seems as a bit of a surprise to you because obviously the majority of the patients there are pregnant, which is normally an emotionally hard thing to deal with, but everyone at this clinic is so extremely nice and polite and they seem to read other patients really well. For example, when I was upset after finding out about my m/c I noticed other patients look at me very saddened, and although they didn't know exactly what was wrong because I wasn't obviously pregnant...they just knew things weren't right and were very respectful. In fact, when I got into the checkout line that first day I started bawling on Thomas' shoulder and everyone let me in front of them so I could get out of there faster. Now, I am pretty sure this caliber of patient has to do with the quality of clinic I go to. It is one of the nicer clinics in town, and you will rarely see a "young, unwed mother" there.

Number three....the nurse/doctor staff: I know I have previously mentioned how much I love my assigned nurse/doc combo there so I won't go into that; however I had someone new yesterday and found they were just as wonderful. Once I told the nurse the urgency of my fax she got right on it....boom. Next thing you know bubbly Dr. C walks in the room, just to check on me. She was all excited about my follicles and upcoming IUI, and although she was slammed that day...she was still happy and going strong. Someone I had never met before was wishing me good luck, and hoping to see me back there pregnant very soon.

So, even with the jumble of yesterday....I still have a wonderful ob/gyn clinic....maybe it was the gift basket I sent for Christmas ;-)

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Jen said...

Yeah, I am jealous of your clinic. At mine, I like my doctor and I loved the ultrasound tech, but the nurses and check-in staff stink. Oh well, we are moving soon or I would hunt up a new doctor's office.