Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seven things I apparently need

It's silly, but hey....why not, work slowed to a halt in the last hour. Here are the top 7 results for my name typed into Google:

1.) Katie needs your help!

2.) Katie needs to be isolated (wow, this is starting to sound pathetic....)

3.) Katie needs to rest and recover from having her baby (no shit sherlock, thats the point....I swear I didn't make this one up)

4.) Katie needs to use the liter pan on her own (I think this is my personal of the website "Adopt a Cat", apparently her name was Katie too)

5.) Katie needs hula lessons (rock on, I've always wanted to learn)

6.) Katie needs to go away and catch her breath, she is becoming overexposed on this show and its always the same story. (A bit appropriate, yes?)

7.) Katie needs a loving home (I don't think DH would like this one much)

Hmmm, who needs a thoughtless, silly laugh these days.....Nancy, Jen, Jenn, Jewels, Tammy, Monica, and Shay....go for it! =)


Jen said...

I'll do it, but how? Just Google my name? That can't be right...

KatieM said...

Just type in "Jen needs" in Google and see what pops up

nancy said...

you do know i just made a numbered list myself today, right?

we are connected somehow.

nancy said...

1. "Nancy needs to learn what the moon is". (check. I think I got this one already)

2. "Nancy needs some vino" Wino? Wine? hell yes.

3. "Nancy needs prayer". Maybe.

4. "Nancy needs to wolf down a three-thousand calorie dessert and bring the silver spoon back to Miles." Whoa. Okay. I need to find someone named Miles. I'm all for the dessert.

5. "Nancy needs some help". Duh.

6. "Nancy needs to go." Damn, that's pretty harsh.

7. "Nancy needs to make sure that her Mom understands Nancy’’s message." Mom?

8. "Nancy needs witness accounts of rental activity to take action." ooooh. Juicy.

9. "Nancy needs sunshine." It's 12 degrees outside right now.

10. "Nancy needs a little Preparation-H." That's GOT to be my favorite.

babytlc said...

Okay... Here goes...

Tammy Needs:

1. ...constant care

2. ...your prayers and good wishes

3. ...a baby… (no kidding!)

4. know details

5. ...our help

6. balance out

7. put out more (OMG... that can't be right, dang!)

I like that one

Jen said...

You guys have me cracking up over here! My turn...

1. Jen needs to have a session or two with a therapist

2. Jen needs to find a self righteous, conspicuous "I'm better than you" charitable position so she can keep charming the sheep into thinking she matters.

3. Jen needs a break

4. Jen needs your help

5. Jen needs no introduction

6. Jen needs a boyfriend (shhh...don't tell Jeramy!)

7. Jen needs human anatomy lessons (apparently given my TTC track record!)

KatieM said...

Ya'lls are much more fun than name must be boring, haha

Carrie said...

Hi, Katie. :)

I saw your comment over at the lushary and wanted to come over and say good luck with your recent IUI. Then I realized that you're in Virginia, too! I'm in Newport News but hoping to move back to Ohio soon.

:) Carrie

jenn said...

1. Jenn needs a good vacation & a job (I'll agree on the vaca!)

2. Jenn needs help filling out the capital expense report (umm- I do these all the time- then I get $$)

3. Jenn needs to do some snooping since she obviously knows something is up (what could it be!)

4. Jenn needs help!!! (Me & Nancy both ...)

5. Jenn needs some questions! (shoot away!)

6. Jenn needs a horse. (would be fun- but the upkeep is killer- especially in a rowhome)

7. Jenn needs lovin' (maybe I'll get some tonight!)

Shayna said...

haha, this is great.

"Shayna needs the fake nipple less and less"--yes, the fake one was doing nothing for me. LOL

"Shayna needs to put on some weight at least so that the next, and hopefully last dose of chemo can be given."--wow, sad. But I do NOT need to put on weight.

"What Shayna needs to do is get a life!"--LOL, no contest there

"Shayna needs a biscuit"--not really, but if you say so...

"Shayna needs her new cookie."--But I like my old cookie.

"As the title suggests, Shayna currently is in need of a girlfriend."--no, Shayna is NOT in need of a girlfriend, lol

"Shayna is a spunky 5 year old girl in need of a new forever home."--sounds like Punky Brewster, LOL.

Lauren said...

Katie, I did this just for fun, and since my name is Lauren, most of the posts that popped up were referring to Lauren from The Hills. Most of it was "Lauren needs to get away from Heidi" etc. Do you watch The Hills? I've never seen it, but hear about it all the time.