Thursday, January 3, 2008

I think I really hate Facebook

As everyone knows, Facebook is a place to keep in touch with friends you graduated with/went to school with/go to school with, and I think I hate it. First all, I have come to realize that I still keep in touch (regardless of the internet) with the friends I was closest to, and keeping up with other acquaintances sometimes boarders on just being nosy about their life and checking up on the way they have changed or not. I think a lot of this is know you look better than the girl who thought she was top shit ...petty yes, I know-oh well....or to see if people fulfilled their dreams or potential.

However, this can also go both ways.....maybe you see that YOU are the one lagging behind per se in life and THAT is why I hate it the most. See, this has happened to me over the past few months because I have come to realize how many people I graduated with are either A-glowingly pregnant or B-already have children. Seeing this phenomena literally makes my stomach turn sometimes...which btw I have always found it interesting that an emotional response can trigger a physical reaction.... but anyways. Not to mention this fact makes me nervous about my upcoming clue why, I'm used to this crap by now...but damn you IF!!!

Who the hell hears of a 20 year old (that's how old I was when we started trying and I turn 23 in three weeks) that is infertile....infertile without explanation at that....which, btw should be considered an oxymoron. early 20 something chick with no reproductive problems and a husband with good sperm who takes over two years to get KU'd.....W.T.H. Now in saying this I am no way implying that if I was older IF would be "normal" because IF is never normal, or fair for that matter....I am just talking about how you almost never hear of "young" people with IF for no reason, and the barrage of preggo's and mommies on Facebook proves my point. Every time I get the new pictures or updates I think I am prepared to look....I'm not.....

I think I need to put my account on hold.

**afterthought: Maybe the fact you don't see as many "young" infertiles is the fact that a lot of younger adults haven't been trying to TTC. "They" (one day I want to be a part of the illustrious they, haha) say that the age of motherhood various between generations and usually bounces back and forth to older verses younger. Maybe the majority of the ladies TTCing right now are a part of the generation who waited to start a family, and now the pendulum is swinging back in the other direction and young adults are trying to start this process earlier. As a result, we may see a lot more young adult IFer's out there in the next upcoming years....just a thought.


Jen said...

Yeah, I don't do Facebook.

You know, there are a lot of younger infertiles out there. Most of the blogs I read are around my age (I am 26). Of course, statistics are against it.

nancy said...

I don't understand why there are so many people in your class WITH children or even pregnant. I think you are an exception with the age thing and I find it peculiar that so many are mothers already.

KatieM said...

Nancy, ironically this seems a bit strange to me too. I know for a fact 3 of the 6 I am aware of were an "oops"...although that fact in and of itself isn't very surprising.