Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I debated about how to do this story thing, whether I should start from my earliest childhood, do random events, or talk about the latest stuff first; however I figure I will start with the most basic one today...how Thomas and I met. Since there is an age difference between my husband and I we often get asked how we got together...so here it goes....

I always find it funny how all of life circumstances leads you to where you are today, and how each decision paves the way for your adulthood. So, in reality the story of Thomas and I meeting can be dated back to my HS years. All throughout HS I had a steady BF that I started to date the beginning of my Sophomore year. By the time senior year rolled around we were still together (although we had our issues and probably should have broken up before this point) and since we both wanted to go to UNCG down in Greensboro we got an apartment together there after graduation. As it turned out I decided to take a year off from school and ended up working full time at a Vet's office while he worked part time (sometimes) and went to school. This was in Aug and by the 1st week in Oct. we had broken up, however we remained roommates because of our lease. Although one would think this situation would end terribly it was probably the best our relationship had been in a year.....apparently we really were better off as friends. So as couples who break up always do, we started dating other people. Also, as young people often do....we began to date our friends and each other friends....he dated a girl he was close with in HS and I started dating her ex-BF (sort of ironic huh?).

Well, my ex-BF's girlfriend's ex (did you catch that?) i.e-the guy I was dating at the time, worked at Old Navy in my hometown, and on his birthday he wanted me to go out with him and meet up with some people he worked with at a local restaurant/bar (do you see where this is going yet?). Yeah, Thomas was one of his co-workers. So we officially met the first week in April of 2004....he was 29, I was 19. I thought he was cute and ended up being fun to talk to, but he had a girlfriend and I of course was dating his co-worker. Looking back on it I never really considered him dating material- one, the age difference (although he did not look almost 30 at all!) and two, he just wasn't my "type" (and hell, if you want to get technical, he's still not). Anyways, fast foreword to the end of May where me and the birthday boy had broken up (but remained friends) and I decided to stop into Old Navy one day to say hello, and as it turns out Thomas was there working that day too so we met again. After this second meeting I thought he would be a fun guy to hang out with so I asked my friend (yes, the ex) for his number which in turn he told Thomas and I asked and gave him my number. He called after a few days and we talked on the phone for a week or two before having our first date. We went to a local restaurant and to the movies to see Shrek 2 ( I have a soft spot for Pixar, lol)....and well, I guess the rest is history. We got engaged a month later and married in May of 2005. We are polar opposites but somehow we make it work. I certainly wasn't looking for a husband when I asked for his number, and he had pretty much given up on dating at the time but as it turns out he fell in love instead.


Jen said...

Wow Kat! Isn't it amazing how life takes twists and turns you were not expecting but end up to be wonderful?

Jen said...

That is such a nice story! (I love Pixar movies too.) My husband and I lived across the street from each other in high school.