Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who are these muppets?

Again, I am showing my novice in the IF blogger world, but I must ask "who are these muppets I keep reading about?" I've actually come across it three times today. Am I a muppet? I, being an IF blogger....are YOU a muppet? You meaning the people who support other IF bloggers (which inherently I become a muppet when I comment on other blogs). Who wishes to clear this up for me?

Thanks! =)

Oh, and my last two blog posts carry my record for number of comments...9...rock on!


Jen said...

Apparently I am more of a novice, as I have never heard of those muppets. Tell me when you find out.

Carrie said...

No clue what a muppet is either...

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

I blatantly stole it from babybound. She said that she pictures everyone in real life as a real, human, person.

Her internet friends (bloggers, message board friends, etc.), she pictures as Muppets. So it's become sort of a catch all phrase for me to describe all my readers/bloggers/internet friends. They understand me and what I'm going through better than anyone IRL. (in real life)

You aren't quite real to me, but you are quite there.

So yes, KatieM, You Are a Muppet!

KatieM said...

Katarina, that is such an awesome concept....I love it! Makes perfect sense too =D I just saw the word so many times yesterday while I had some time to go through blogs I wondered if it was some grand concept I was missing.