Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WTF Update

Ok, that's better. My temp went back up to 98.1 this morning, and I got CL's. You can check it out here. However I had to adjust *gasp* my temp the day after my trigger. Usually I just discard it since the nature of the trigger will inherently make it high, however I discovered that if I just drop it .1 degrees (all in all not a big deal) my CL's show up on Saturday, and although my shift is funky, I know I O'd. I know in the big picture where my CL's went wasn't a huge deal since I was basing my testing and cycle off of the number of dpiui, but it makes me happy.

I'm thinking yesterdays temp was just a fluke and I've concluded it is how I am sleeping lately. I get up at 4:30 without fail to pee (I think I need to drink less before bed, but I'm so darn thirsty). Then after I pee, my stomach starts to growl because I'm hungry meaning I don't fall back asleep until AT LEAST 5:00 and my temp time is at 6:15. If I don't get up to pee, then I toss and turn trying to fight the urge to get up, which again leaves me with a funky sleep pattern right before I temp. I'm either already up, trying to get back to sleep OR I wake up about an hour before I need to temp because I'm A) Hot or B) Cold. I've done this for three nights in a row....maybe it is all subconscious and now I know I O'd I won't be so fretful about it.

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Jen said...

My temperature has been weird lately too. Maybe it is going around.