Friday, February 27, 2009


My interview for my MS program was today, and it went really well. It was actually very laid I just wait about 10 days to see if I made it in =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cullen is sick

Like full blown head cold with a fever (highest 101.2 rectally) sick....poor baby. He's had a cold before, but this was the first time I felt the need to take him to the doctor to rule out anything more serious because he's also had tummy problems (as in diarrhea) since Saturday. Turns out the stomach issues are probably just a coincidence and most likely something I ate that didn't agree with him(which is what we thought to begin with until the fever and runny nose/eyes came into play), but because he IS still so small I'm glad I went the "better safe than sorry" route.

Anyways, the routine is the same.....tylenol every 4 hours for fever or discomfort, watch and make sure things don't get worse like moving into his chest, steam or a humidifier for nasal stuffiness (which surprisingly he doesn't have a lot of), keep him home (ie-no babysitter) for 24 hours and of course lots of love from mommy ;-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My little man

Cullen is officially 3 months old today....good lord, where has the time gone? So in lieu of this "milestone" I leave you with some recent pictures....

Sleepy boy...

Wide-eyed boy...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

OK, here it goes.....

In the past week, Thomas and I have....

~Viewed a house for sale in my parents neighborhood
~Talked to 3 mortgage companies about loans they are currently offering
~Got pre-approved for a 203KS loan (basically a construction loan)
~Created and signed a contract for above mentioned home
~Set up a meeting with the realtor to put our house on the market.

That was as of Friday....then by a weird twist of fate on Saturday, my mom was coming over to watch the baby while Thomas and I cleaned out the basement in order to start getting the house market ready, but she ran into an old family friend who's daughter used to be my hairdresser (she did the best colors in town AND my look for my wedding...anyways). My mom mentioned that we were selling our house, and it just so happens that the daughter and her girlfriend (who live about 2 minutes from here in a rental townhome) just started looking for a house to buy in the area. So, she called her daughter and her and her girlfriend came over to look at the house. Basically they love it, we are asking the lowest price around here, and they are going to the mortgage company to get their pre-approval on tuesday when the banks open back up. All of this happend before the realtor called to put our house on the market.

So, if they do definitely want the house (and get the loan), we are going to list it as a FSBO since WE technically sold the house without the realtor getting involved, and just pay him a flat fee (I think it is 2% in VA) to handle the legal part of things such as a contract and dealing with the lawyer verses the 6% to have him actually list the house in the MLS system. Plus, this gives me the availability to accept a little lower price from a friend because I will still net the same amount without the agent cut coming into play.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Still breathing....

Strange, busy week....more details to come.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's a boy! **correction**

Well, we have a new boy in the family. My SIL went into labor on Thursday and had Caiden Blue at 11:59pm that night. They had to take him back to the hospital today because he was pretty jaundice. So they are probably going to put him under the lights for a few days, but other than that mom and baby are doing well (although Mom is a bit sleep deprived considering she said he slept all of 25 minutes last night!!...holy jesus)

**His name is Caiden Bleu, like the cheese, not color.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Picture mania

"Oh no, here's that thing again"

"Yes, yes, that's enough"

"OK Mom, I said no more pictures"

"Hmm, maybe if I pretend she isn't there...."

"Pbbtt on you I say!"

"OK, OK, if you insist...a smirk it is"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Still searching

I have another appt. with a potential care giver for Cullen this weekend. So far after talking with her on the phone I have a pretty good feeling about it, so we shall see. She is CPR certified ( one of my questions off the "list") and licensed by the state so that is definitely a plus. She also provides an educational curriculum (once they are older), and she does "bible school" like activities with them (which is important to Thomas and I as well since we are getting back into church). Anyways...I shall let you know how it goes! =)