Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear Anon

If you really felt true about what you said, you wouldn't be anon now would you? I love how people can read one post out of someone's life and assume they know the whole story and THEN feel so compeled to comment but yet hide behind the wonderful "anon".

I'm not on this thing enough anymore to give long stories but for everyones information, giving my dogs away was responsible at the time bc they wernt getting everything they needed in our current situation. It just so happens that they found loving homes, and yes I still miss them like crazy. In fact, the moment we realized our situation had changed we went back to get our dogs. And yes, we did get another dog about 2 months later. It wasn't exactly a planned thing but we happened to be in the right place, right time to save her from euthinasia so we did. I would have LOVED to get my dogs back or better yet not be put in the situation where I had to make the choice in the first place.

There anon, do you feel better for my dogs and my "responsibility" to them now that you have gotten out your daily dose of judgement against others?