Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My crack clinic

I think I have figured out why everyone at my ob/gyn's office is so happy....surely some of them are on crack. Turns out I am not getting ready to pop like previously thought, and the first ultrasound lady, although very sweet and impressive, didn't quite know what she was talking about...haha, it figures. My final consensus is like so:

Righty: all under freaking big deal, unless one gets some miracle grow between now and Friday and pops out a little surprise which is highly unlikely.

Lefty: Three or four(one was really hidden, but the doc thought it looked around that size in certain views) between 18mm and 19mm....there we go...that's the money shot.

Oh, and my lining is 10.4....yay!

So, I am happy and a little sad about these final results. One, I am happy because this means we can actually do the IUI since I decided before walking in there if it really was 5 then I was canceling. Next, I am actually a bit disappointed they are all on the left side (wow, could I be more picky, haha). My left side is so screwy with it's twists and turns, and I just like options on both sides for sperm, but all in all that doesn't really matter right?

I am also happy to say that my whole appt....u/s (which was really long btw), waiting and seeing the doc (who is very nice....oh, and pregnant) was an hour....definitely a reasonable amount of time. Oh, I also found out another thing about Dr. JA today....apparently most of the doctors in this practice refer their infertility patients to Dr. W instead even though it's 2 hours away. That says a lot of his practice if the ob/gyn's one block away don't want his patients to go there. Dr. M, who I saw today said she really likes Dr. W because he looks at each patient as individuals instead of putting everyone on the same get pregnant plan (like Dr. JA does). Lastly I thoroughly confused the nurse today because when she took me back to the room she goes..."well, I am going to let you keep your clothes on until after you meet Dr. M since this is your first time with her" Um, excuse me....I've already had my love wand time so thanks but no thanks. Finally we figure out that in my chart, the way it was written, implies I was there for an OB sonogram because I was on clomid and got pregnant. Not yet lady, but thanks for the optimism check back a few weeks ;-)

***update: Just talked to my Dr.'s Nurse. He wants to give those three follies one more day to grow, so we will BD tonight, trigger tomorrow night, and then the IUI Saturday morning. Wow....IUI on cd 17....I think that's a record for me...what in the world is my body doing this time around?


nancy said...

Maybe change is good. CD17 IUI though - crazy! although i've triggered quite late before myself (cd19!).

Here's for growing follies and for MORE SEX for you. heh. That's quite a bit for you two!!! wink~wink.

I'm glad he's letting them grow. My RE usually lets them grow until they are over 20 at least.

Jen said...

Make sure you give the sperm verbal directions before they go in. Maybe that will help! :)

Aimee AKA adlz said...

Good luck Saturday!