Thursday, January 10, 2008

I need help...

Can someone please inform me what is the significance of putting "." in the middle of words is? I must confess I have absolutely no clue why this is this a blogging thing I should be aware of? Here are a few examples of those I do and don't understand:

1.) res.pira.tory ther.a.pist (Tammy, I'm not picking on you this was just the last one I noticed): I don't understand why the "." is this writer preference? is it making a statement I don't know about?

2.) Chris.mas: This one I sort of understand and interpret it as the same meaning as xmas, where as some people prefer to leave the whole word "christ" out so the "." replaces the "t" I right on that?

3.) Every.Single.Moment :This one I understand completely because the "." is at the end of an entire word where the author wants the whole world to be emphasized on it's own. That's cool, I get that, hell I just used my own example of something I've written.

However, sometimes I just don't understand the ".". Can someone enlighten me? =)


nancy said...


It's so their blogs won't come up when certain terms are googled.

IE: Everyone who looked for holiday socks got directed to my blog during the holidays because I blogged about my loathing of them. Google just knew "holiday socks" was in my blog, so hence the directing them to me. So, if I would have talked about Hol.iday S.ocks, no one would be directed to my blog (unless they googled "Hol.iday S.ocks")

Jen said...

I googled pictures of letrozole (trying to compare the size of the pills) and found pictures from my blog. I'm also thinking about taking Jeramy's name out of the blog and just using J or Jay because you can google "Jennifer and Jeramy" and we're at the top of the list thanks to the unusual spelling. That kind of freaks me out but I don't know why exactly.