Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My New Name

So, restless me decided to change the name of my blog of "Life, Love, and Infertility" to "The Unlikely Life". This is partly because I wanted to reflect my life and me as a whole, not just infertility....and hopefully transition it into a pregnancy/parenting blog as well (Optimistic, aren't I?). As a side note here, that statement spun me off into a tangent of thought that I decided needed it's own post after it developed so I will post that in a minute, but now back to my new name.

I chose this for a couple of reasons....One, for those who know me this makes complete sense since I ALWAYS seem to be on the low side of the normal stats, but still end up getting burned (or not, depending). For parents only had a 25% chance of having a baby with CF...yup, thats me. For my age group, 20-25, I statistically only had a 5% change of NOT getting pregnant in the first 18 months of trying...yup, me again. Also, when I did get pregnant I implanted on the earlier side of normal 8ish dpo because I had a very early HPT. My wonderful friend Nancy found a chart in the New England Journal of Medicine I believe it was that said people who implant around that time only have a 13% of m/c verses someone who implants around 10dpo with a 26% (Please correct me if Im wrong, I can't remember the EXACT numbers on this one right now) however my point is...again I was on the low side and still m/c. Lastly.... both of my defective CF genes are the most common(wow, for once!) delta508 mutation. However, this mutation tends to cause a barrage of medical problems for those with CF....bad respiratory issues, digestive problems, etc, etc and~I~, little miss oddball, am incredibly fortunate enough to be spared of brunt of this.

And two, I actually got this idea from a story in Readers Digest a long time ago called "The Unlikely Doctor" about someone with CF who grew up and became a doctor in a time when CF was practically a death sentence for children. I like the vagueness of this title because it can refer to all the good things in my life that I am lucky to have as well. Overall, my life is "unlikely" by all accounts but it is what makes me, me.

Oh and, if anyone else out there has this exact title, please let me know...I never intended to copy anyone.


nancy said...

Nope, don't remember. I do remember I was initially looking up those stats for someone whom implants late vs early, so I have no freaking clue.

Like the new title though. :)

Jen said...

I haven't heard of anyone with the same title. I like it though.