Sunday, January 13, 2008

Prop your hips up and tilt to the left.....

So no, the doctor didn't tell me to prop my hips up, but during my 20 minute post IUI rest DH told me to tilt a little to the left since we knew that is where the eggs were ;-) Speaking of DH, he was so great yesterday, massaging me while I was resting; we had a great day together overall....lunch, shopping, the trips to and was great. I love him =)

Now, let's talk about the IUI itself because this procedure was a bit different than we were used to. First off, DH had to produce his sample there, which went fine by the way. The "collection room" was a private, small room with a bookshelf, tv, coffee table and sofa; quite quaint if you ask me. They had the collection cups on the shelf along with a sample of sperm friendly lube if you needed it (which I thought was nice because I heard some clinics don't do that). The weird thing is we had to keep walking down to the lab (it was at the other end of the hallway) to see if it was ready yet, and then once it was ready we had to carry it back to the office. In my old clinic after we turned in the sample we never touched it again. Next, the IUI itself took longer than normal....he was gentle, but he couldn't get the catheter in. The nurse had to press on my uterus to get my cervix to be more cooperative. Maybe it was too high or a bit tilted, I'm not sure what the issue was (although I have been told I have a tilted cervix).

So, I am officially 1dpiui today.....9 days until I start testing (well, actually I will test at 7dpiui to see if the trigger shot is still there) but "testing with hope and purpose" starts in 9 days. I don't know how I feel about it right now, it's a bit mixed. Of course I want it to work like it did last time (well, not EXACTLY, but yeah) but in my head I know the odds say it won't. Actually what I want is just to be able to have sex with my husband and make a this too much to ask? ::sigh::


jenn said...

congrats on the IUI & I hope the next 8 days or so go by quickly & easily for you!

Here's having everything crossed that all your pre-IUI 'work' PLUS the IUI are what does it for you.

Katarina Jelly Beana said...


It sounds like things went well. IUIs are a bit surreal in general.

Fingers crossed for you!

nancy said...


I'm going to call you in a bit.

Jen said...

Congrats! Doesn't it feel good to be moving forward again with TTC!

The nurse had difficulty getting the catheter past my cervix during my first IUI. It totally sucked.