Monday, January 7, 2008

Holy Cow....btw, this is a long one

I'm not sure what else to call this post because my day since 2:45 has been a bit surreal....but here it goes:

I went to my u/s right on time.....they took me back and I was finished with tech (who was wonderful by the way) a little after 3:00. She said all the doc had to do was sign off on it and they could fax it up to my other Dr. to see about when the trigger/IUI was going to be. Sure, no problem, I had plenty of time until 5:00. So I start to wait.....and I wait, and I wait some more. Around 4:00 I am starting to get nervous about getting my u/s to my doc in time, but the nurse kept saying "I will be right with you". So, in order to let Dr. W's office know about my u/s today I called them to tell them to start looking for my fax. Which, btw, I found out Dr. W's nurse had called this office looking for my results a little after 3:00 so she knew they were here. Finally at 4:20 the nurse called my name, and takes me back to the room....15 minutes after doc, and it is now 4:35. So, I am stressing out about getting my results upstate and go find the nurse to ask if she knows how long it would because my results needed to be faxed by 4:45. She looks at me and surprisingly goes "oh goodness, I will let Dr. C (the doc I was seeing in lieu of mine) know" She acts like she had no idea about getting my results faxed....did she just forget? who knows...Anyways, at 4:45 Dr. C pokes her head in my room(literally, she didn't actually walk into the room), and here is our conversation:

Her: Hi Mrs. Major, I have one more patient before you so it will be about 20 minutes, but I went ahead and had the nurse fax your u/s results up to Dr. W.

Me: Oh, thanks....I was getting worried about them being faxed before five.

Here: Oh yeah, everything looks great. You have a few potentials and a few more days will do it. Did you need anything from us today?

Me: Just to get the u/s results up to Dr. W in time

Her: Oh, so you really don't need to see me at all, you just needed those results sent.

Me: Yup, pretty much.

Her: Well then, you can go ahead and go, you really didn't need to see a doc today right?

Me: That about sums it up

Her: Well, best of luck, I'm really excited for you and I hope to see you back soon....Good bye!

Um....this is the part where I leave the office a bit dumbfounded because I waited over an hour and half to get told I didn't need to see anyone after all. Now, maybe I should have spoken up sooner about what I needed to get done that day, but silly me assumed the nurse already knew since I told everyone when I made the appt they needed to get these results faxed off SAME DAY...before five. So as I'm leaving the office I hear the fax machine going so as soon as I get out the door I call Dr. W's office to see if they got the results (it's about 7 minutes til 5 at this point). The lady on the phone said they didn't have them yet but someone just called from Dr. C's office to verify the fax number and they are waiting. I tell the lady to have Dr. W or his nurse call my cell phone if there is any problems. So, I leave work at 5:15 and hadn't heard from my doc, but low and behold I get home and see a message from them (so much for the cell phone thing, but anyways). Here is what it said:

"Hi Katie, this is G from Dr. W's office. I am just calling to tell you we finally received the fax from Dr. C's office about 5 minutes ago, but it was completely blacked out and since it was after hours we couldn't call and tell them to redo it. Unfortunately I don't have any results to give you (I'm guessing she didn't know I already knew my follie size but I will get to that in a minute) so I guess just go ahead and have intercourse tonight (yes, she actually said that) and hopefully we can get those u/s results tomorrow and we can talk about this little cycle snag"

Seriously, you have got to kidding me.....a blank fax?!?! I mean, I already knew my results and in all honesty it doesn't really matter if they saw the results tonight or tomorrow morning but still....couldn't have plan that worse if I tried. So, I am going to call Dr. C's office and tell them the fax didn't go through and then call Dr. W's nurse and see if we can get my IUI planned.

Now, onto my actual results from the u/s. Although they aren't as big as last time at this point in my cycle, I have more potentials. I have 2 on my right (possibly 3) and 2 on my left. The right ones are measuring 18, 17, and 16 where as the lefty's are both measuring 17mm. I am right on the cusp of having too many eggs....but we definitely have 4 good potentials which need a day or two more to grow. Unless my doc says otherwise, I will go through with 4. I will NOT reduce any of my babies even if all four implant, so you can see why any more than that and it would be a no go. So......that's that....thursday IUI here I come.

Next, I need to talk about my drive home. I am already stressing out over my aforementioned appointment, and as I am driving home I look to my right and see a body laying in the woods. So me, being the good citizen I am turn around to make sure everything is ok (I mean, he/she could have been dead for all I know). So I go back to the gentlemen and as it turns out he is just really drunk (and mildly MR). I ask if he was OK, and if wanted me to call anyone. He says his mother (sidenote: he is about 55 years old) and gives me her number. So, I get on my cell phone and call his mom who says she can't come get him because she doesn't have a car. Oh, and she asked if he was drunk (hmm, must be common for him). I tell him she can't come get him, and honest to god I sat there and talked to that man for 30 minutes.....just making sure he really was OK, seeing if there was anyone else he wanted me to call, offering to get (not give, I'm kind, not stupid) him a ride to the shelter, etc, etc. He said he was fine, and since he wasn't in any direct harm, I left him. I drove around for a few minutes looking for a police officer at a strip mall nearby, but didn't find one and just went home. At least I tried....I couldn't force the man to go get shelter (luckily we are having a heat spell here) and he wasn't in need of food...::sigh:: can't save them all.

So yes, that was 3 hours of my life.....honestly, I couldn't make this stuff up!

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Jen said...

That is quite a day! My goodness. I hope they at least had good magazines for you to read if they are going to keep you waiting for no reason. Holy cow is right.