Monday, January 7, 2008

A day of new beginnings

It is supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny today...apparently the weather didn't get the memo it was January, but none the less it does provide a nice break in winter weather, and better yet almost gives me a sense of refreshment today. I feel refreshed....from what I'm not sure, but either way it's a good feeling. I don't think it can be considered a newfound hope for this IUI, but for the first time in a long time I feel OK about starting over. Although I will admit last night when DH and I were BDing it crossed my mind how much it sucks to be doing this for conception. I know not everyone's purposeful BDing is boring, but ours sure is. Not to mention I feel like the Sahara because of the clomid...but oh well, we came (no pun intended), we did, we conquered.

Speaking of my IUI, I have my u/s today to check for follie growth. I am really hoping we have two good contenders, one on each side. My husband and I always joke that his sperm are confused once they get in there and always go the wrong direction....this way, no matter which way they turn they can meet up with an eggie and at least attempt to fertilize it =). If we do need another day of meds, they always give you about 50-75 extra IU's in those cartridges so I am good either way.

On another note, the new semester started for the students and I have been running around like crazy since thursday to prepare for far so good! Also, I start my new class today for my M.S. I am hoping this quarter goes a bit more smoothly than the last one, and to ensure that I am only taking one class...thank goodness!

Quick funny story...I am listening to one of the professors teach A and P lab next door and they are talking about the endocrine system and discussing the function of hormones. Next thing I hear him say is oxytocin...which we all know is pronounced with a long in oxy-TOE-cin....however he always pronounces it the word toxic....cracks me up!

Now, if you will excuse planaria are trying to make an escape....

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Jen said...

I am jealous of your summer weather. It is snowing here! In the desert (technically a high desert, meaning no cactus but no snow either)! It is not supposed to rain or snow here, that is in the contract.