Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get the crash cart!!

Contrary to popular belief I am still alive over here. I know people have said it before, but it is weird how there is so much less to talk about when you aren't really "actively" TTC. Lately life has been hectic...work is busy...I'm trying to find another part time job to have "direct patient contact" for the PA program I want to apply too....we are looking into getting a loan to fix up the house...all sorts of things.

There really isn't a lot going on with the TTC front (obviously) except for the fact spot hung around for a few days longer than normal and we are just going to FD whenever we want (let's just say it was a happy night in the Major household when the Giants won the super bowl.) However, DH and I did talk about what we want to do after this cycle is up since now have a "deadline" for TTC...and here are our options:

~Keep "relaxing"....less stress, better sex, but most likely won't make a baby.

~Go back to Dr. W for another IUI and get great care, but pay more out of pocket (oh and don't forget the travel and going back and forth between clinics)

~Suck it up and go back to Dr. JA for another IUI because he is closer AND cheaper. As much as it sucks he is the only doctor right now who has A.) Gotten me pregnant and B.) Has a current, hands-on knowledge of my cycles for the past year and a half. However, this option comes with stipulations....I want to sit down and discuss what happened with him before my next baseline. I want to know why he didn't tell me the truth on my first u/s and why I never heard the first "I'm sorry for what happened to you" from him in person (I have run into him twice since the m/c) or from the office in general. No, I don't want him to apologize for my m/c because it wasn't his fault....I was going to m/c regardless of who's care I was in, but I want a sympathy apology. I want a fucking acknowledgment for what happened. I realize m/c is common in the OB world....but when you are an IF patient and have been going to that clinic for over a year...yes, I expect an "I'm sorry, come back and see us when you are ready to try again". And they can't say they "didn't know" because I had to call personally and cancel my 2nd u/s with him stating "I didn't need it anymore" Um, BIG clue right there, and I know my OB called and talked to him personally because she said she did.

~Lastly, suck it up, get a loan for IVF, put off fixing the house(to the extent we want) and go back to Dr. W. because Dr. JA doesn't do IVF.

Oh decisions, decisions.....

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Jen said...

Hey, if relaxing does end up working, make sure you don't tell anyone because that will be bad for the stereotype.