Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The universe is funny, updated

Wait, did I say funny? I meant to say kinda cruel in an up-yours sort of way. Here is my morning story....intended to be funny, mildly inappropriate, yet the intentions didn't make it hurt any less.

So a few minutes ago as I was walking down the hall when a co-worker of mine caught me and said he had something to ask. This is a pretty usual thing given that he oversees the PA labs and I oversee the Biomed labs; so he is always asking me stuff about supplies and ordering and such. The conversation went as follows:

Him: "Hey Katie, I need to ask you something, I already asked Gayle (our secretary) but she turned me down"

Me: "Sure Chip, whatcha need?"

Him: "Well see on April 7th the PA's are doing their OB demonstrations and we need some volunteers ya know." (he starts laughing....he is a bit of a kidder all the time)

Me (realizing he is joking, but still a bit stunned): "Oh, haha, I don't think so"

Him: "Oh, come on...maybe you can work something in between now and then....we'll even pay ya!" (more chuckling)

Me: "Ha, I still don't think if you would be willing to pay for me to GET pregnant we may have a deal" and then I laugh and walk off.

Do I even need to post a huge fat OUCH right here? Unfortunately what he didn't know is that if things hadn't gone awry (a bit of a side note, but do you ladies-who this applies too-find it odd how you word your m/c sometimes.....for example phrases like "if things had gone better", "gone awry", "if everything turned out" or "unfortunate event" come to mind) Anyways....what he didn't know is I could have actually participated in this lab (because in reality they do take volunteers for such things) fact I could have been a great example because I had twins! What an AWESOME learning experience I would have been! Also what he doesn't know is those babies took a very long time to conceive and I'm not sure when that will happen again.....I can't just whip up pregnancies in a few months. Lastly....I'm nearing the end of my 1WW and in all odds will get AF in roughly 4-5 days....yippee. I snapped at DH for something stupid this morning so I'm pretty sure slight PMS is setting in.

Speaking of AF showing cousin is on the verge of delivering in the next week or so...her BP is still slowly creeping up and she is seeing her doc twice a week. All along the doc said she would be lucky to make it to 36 weeks and she will be 36 weeks on Sunday......I highly expect her to deliver during AF because that would be the icing to my infertile cake.

OK, so I forgot to add this in: A student (who I do actually like she just doesn't *know*) came into my office to be tutored. She saw the picture of my dog and asked if she was mine....yup. Then she saw a picture of myself surrounded by my nieces and nephew at Christmas on my desk and goes "Oh, are those your nieces and nephews?" (to which I respond yes) and then she goes "Well, I can see why you don't have any children yet, they look like a handful"

Really? Seriously?.....Yes, really, seriously these were my morning conversations.


Jen said...

Argh, what horrible morning conversations! People are so dumb. I am always quite astounded by how rude they can be.

Andrea said...

Hey-- I am a new lurker. In re: tax q, if you itemize, your spouse CANNOT take the standard deduction and must itemize as well. Are you using turbo tax? it should catch the issue and show you if you would still be able to save more money MFS. also-- you can allocate or split the mortgage interest and real estate taxes as necessary for itemization to maximize the tax benefits and/or make the payments more palatable. make sure to also look at med expenses for itemization and if you bought a new house in 2007 (not sure when you bought it but it seemed like it had been longer than that) you might be able to deduct the PMI.

good luck with the taxes and everything else! i dont have any good advice or even assvice but GOOD LUCK!!

Christina said...

what a way to start your day! sorry it was so horrible and that people are so stupid without even realizing it.

KatieM said...

Thanks for the info, and yes I am using Turbo Tax but actually it can be done under certain circumstances, which we qualify for (at least according to TT). As for the splitting the mortgage, it is 100% in my name and I don't have PMI ;-)

I will probably end up doing whichever is easier to deal with...most likely MFJ, but I am looking back over it again tonight before I file. Thanks again!

Monica Fayth said...

what a terrible morning! and I really don't even get why he would joke like that; doesn't make much sense or seem funny either.