Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maybe cysts?

I really wish I could title this post "Maybe Baby?" and tell you I POAS'd and there was a faint line there....however I can't (well, in all fairness I did actually POAS but it was a BFN). Anyways, life must go on.....but back to the cysts. Let me preface this by saying I've never actually had cysts during my cycle or had a cyst prevent me from continuing on with a medicated cycle, but I DID have cysts when I was pregnant (a very common occurrence) and it was the reason for my one sided pain that I worried over being an ectopic. So the past few days I have this exact, one sided pain. Not my normal middle of the uterus 2WW crampies (which I always have) but almost a burning, sharpish pain. I am well past O (11dpo to be exact) and I am fairly certain I am not pregnant again (remember the BFN?) and I'm not saying I *feel* pregnant because I don't.....I'm just saying I am getting this same pain I got when I was pregnant and it was due to cysts so I'm wondering if I have another one.

This would be a first for me, but hey....IF has to find new ways to surprise me after 31 months of this crap (HOLY SHIT I honestly just realized I transitioned into the 30's....I thought I was still in the 20's. Well I still am in my 20's when it comes to actual's 28) but I have been actively TTC since July 2005....Wow, that sucked. Oh and of course I would get a cyst now when despite the cost we wanted to push through with a March IUI (our 5th one....and yes, probably last). My doc usually takes April off for cycles because of his vacation so that means I might be looking at May if in fact this pain is cyst related....guess I will find out sometime around Tuesday-ish of next week which should be right around the time of my baseline u/s.

**left side still very achy....especially after my 200lbs lab assistant thought it would be cute to sit on me...right. on. my bladder/uterus/ovaries. For a brief moment I thought, "crap, what if there really is something down there and he just dislodged it" stupid.... =P


Jen said...

I hope it isn't cysts! That would totally suck.

My fingers will be constantly crossed for you that it might be that other thing. :)

nancy said...

go see your OB. If it is a cyst, you can get started on bcp right now and get off them right in time to start your april IUI cycle. It would be good suppression for your ovaries - they'd even respond better.

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Nancy is super smart, but you knew that.

Fingers and everything else crossed for good results in whatever form they arrive.