Thursday, February 7, 2008

Forward vs. Foreword

My grammar lesson for the day. Although this isn't a common mistake of mine because I do know the difference between the two words; sometimes I will simply mistype it and not go back and proofread. Nonetheless, I thought I would take today and educate.

Forward(as an adverb):
1.) toward or at a place, point, or time in advance.
Ex: to look forward too, from this day forward
2.) towards the front.
Ex: let's move forward to see the show better
3.) into view or consideration.
Ex: he put forward many great suggestions

Forward (as an adjective)
1.) presumptuous or bold.
Ex: many people believe it is too forward to ask about income on a first date.

Forward (as a verb)
1.) to transmit
Ex: please forward this email to the whole department
2.) to advance
Ex: the extra training class will surly forward your career.

Foreword (a noun)
1.) a preface or an introductory note, as for a book, especially by a person other than the author.
Ex: The foreword of the text book was written by a famous scholar.

Just some Thursday FYI. =)


Jen said...

I love the grammar lesson!

I need to proofread better myself because things like this drive me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! The microsoft word processor was saying that my spelling of "forward" was wrong, and tried to correct it with "foreword" which I know is a different word completely. I just had to look it up to clear some confusion.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the time you put into your explanation. You cleared up for me, the where and when to use...
I thank you. (smile) Paul

Michael said...

Much appreciated! This page helped me understand the differences, and it reminded me of the many uses of the word. Thanks for clarifying this and sharing this nugget of information with the rest of us. :)

WBoghdady said...

Thank you for your clarification.

You were the first result when I searched for "foreword vs forward"