Sunday, February 24, 2008

In other news....

Cd1....C, um, 29....piss on you infertility, seriously. Here is the game plan though....we are going to do March au natural again. Simply with the all the added new dog stress, I don't want medication/IUI stress on top of it.....I do think stress can affect your ability to conceive *sometimes* because your body perceives it as an inopportune time to get pregnant or you have poorer egg quality or delayed I'm thinking, why risk it because I *know* the next month or so will be stressful with the dog, my cousin's due date and my nephew's first b-day party....oh, and isn't Easter in March this year too? So, March is just me and the hubby, then we said we will go again with the injects and IUI in April. Also, since my insurance covers acupuncture, I am going to make an appt. for that as well some time in March, why not right? (if it helps in IVF, it might help my IUI too). I found a clinic about 3 minutes from my house, so I am going to check it out.

Also, I had the weirdest dream last night (when I actually got to sleep in between doggy potty breaks and general cage movement which I can hear in my room).....I dreamed that I was pregnant, it was Christmas Eve at my parents house, and my water broke while I was peeing. At first I thought it was a really long pee and then I looked down and realized where the water was coming from (I guess that is one convenient place to break your water) and I distinctly remember pieces of my mucus plug coming out too (eww, I know). However the weird thing of it was I was with Thomas, but I *think* the baby was my ex's (sorry babes if you are reading this, didn't make me happy either) or maybe he was just in the dream for some odd reason because after my water broke he was at the door asking what I was going to do today, and my response was "well, I'm going to have a baby if that doesn't inconvenience you". Then I remember thinking my tummy was way too small to be 36 weeks, which is what everyone kept saying I was and I didn't believe my baby had a face until the doctor showed it to me on the u/ was so weird......then the dream was over. I never actually got to the delivery part (which I have dreamed about before) but everything else was just so creepy.

PS-My cramps are a BITCH right now. It's the closest to my m/c cramps I've had since...the ones that make you shake and feel sick, the ones were your uterus is sore even when you aren't cramping because you cramped so much..yeah, those....OMG. I was going to take midol before heading out to work, but I forgot and didn't go back...thinking two hours wouldn't make too much of a, holy hell.

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Jen said...

Stupid cramps. I hate cramps. I hope you feel better!