Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fate and misinformation

I tried to cheat today....fate didn't let me. Since I had EWCM on Thursday and Friday, DH and I decided I should take my temp this morning "just to see". I had a crappy night's sleep, but it was 97.4....definitely pre-O for me....huh, thats odd. I am going to check it tomorrow as well and keeping jumping DH at least EOD. Also, because I had to go out this morning to breakfast with the fam I thought I would run by wal-mart and pick up some OPK's "just to see". Trigs-Ohmygoodness, as a sidenote here my little niece was SO cute walking today. She just started doing it about a month ago (at 14 months) and she is just the most precious thing EVER! Anyways, my last two cycles have been really weird so in actuality I have no idea when I am supposed to O. Normally it would be this weekend around cd15 or 16 (today), but my last cycle on medication I didn't O until cd17 and the one before that (my first post m/c cycle) was cd 30. Anyways, believe it or not wal-mart didn't have a single OPK....WTH!!! Well, they did have the 30.00ish dollar digital ones ( clearblue easy maybe?) but I really didn't want to pay that for a random pee check. Oh, and on top of that wal-mart didn't have the mattress topper or the pillows I went to buy as well....seriously, what good are they?

Other things on my list of things to do today are several loads of laundry, go into work for about 2 hours, dishes, working out, and that order. To kill some time while the laundry was going I turned on a Lifetime movie about some hit and run, and wouldn't you know it the first scene I saw was about TTCing (seriously, didn't see that coming). Apparently the detective in the movie is trying to have a baby with her husband and she runs in from the bathroom and goes "this is it". I automatically think she got a BFP of course, but then she goes "it's 99.5, come here baby" then proceeds to pounce on her hubby. By the way, did I mention it was the middle of the afternoon? Good lord that scene was riddled with misinformation....number one, temping in the middle of the day to gauge O, WTH? Then, if her temp was 99.5 she was presumably AFTER O and sex really would have been null and void. Ack....and the lack of knowledge continues. Then of course in true life fashion the phone rings and the detective has to go....she still tries to entice her DH into getting in a 5 minute quicky....made me laugh because I think we have all done that at one point in time.

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Jen said...

I hate Wal-Mart, they never have anything. And all the people are weird.