Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, look at that....

I did O yesterday! I knew I should be close so I just happened to catch my jump here. We didn't get a chance to BD yesterday because of work, and losing power and all; however we did BD Friday afternoon AND Saturday afternoon, but it's not like I'm hoping or anything ;-) I'm not going to temp anymore this 2WW, it was just nice to verify that jump.

OK, back to the power thing. All day yesterday our power flickered because of extremely strong winds, and finally around 3:30 it went out for good. Originally the power company said they should have restoration between 6 and biggie. Well, apparently this power outage is more widespread than they thought because the next time we called they said it would be Tuesday at midnight or Wednesday morning before everything was back to normal. Holy Crap! That's 3 days without heat, the fridge working, lights or hot water.....yeah, we are going to stay with my parents. It is nice that they offered, but honestly with our dog it's a pain in the butt because Ginger wants to play with my parents dog who happens to be a 8 lbs toy poodle....not the best of combinations there. Last night we took all of our frozen stuff over and put it in my parents extra fridge, but ended up staying at our house since the heat hadn't dropped TOO much at that point and we didn't have anything packed up at 8:00pm. Ugh....I was in the middle of doing laundry, and that is going to have to sit now (it was mainly work clothes too, so that sucks) and I didn't get to work out yesterday so I am going to work out with my mom and her Leslie Sampson walk-a-whatever video tonight....the 5 mile one. Oh, and my school ended up being delayed 2 hours, but since I had no way of finding out before I walked in the door I am here anyways. Actually, a lot of schools around here are closed because they are still in a blackout. We have back-up generators here since it is connected to a hospital but it took a little bit for them to fully power up....hence the delay.

Hmmm, I wonder if this means I can leave early since we get paid for this time even though we aren't here and I AM here and clocked in. Meaning once they add the 2 hours in today I will have a 10 hour day.....yes, I do think I will leave after my class at 3. How about you guys cross your fingers that we have power at my house by this evening and don't have to move out for a day or two....thanks a bunch!


Jen said...

Losing power sucks! We lose our power here in Idaho all the time. When we lived in Florida, we usually didn't even lose it during the hurricanes!

SaraS-P said...

Good luck with the 2ww!