Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm here, I'm here.....

Just nothing super special to blog about lately. Here's the lowdown though:

~Ginger is still super anxious about the new puppy and WILL NOT leave him alone. She constantly has to know where he is, what he's doing, what he's chewing on, etc, etc. If he leaves the room, she follows....every time he gets up she goes over and puts her entire mouth over his ears and neck. I have to correct her about every 5 minutes on it (which I hate). So, in lieu of all this I called the vet to ask about some medication for this hyper anxiety. Buster is incredibly tolerant of this, but only to a certain point (hell, I don't blame him, if I had someone in my shit all morning and night I'd get a little mouthy every now and then too).

~Day 3 of Clomid. Nothing new except the normal headache I always get with it (which I'm sure is exacerbated by the constant dog watching). I ordered my Follistim and it should be here tomorrow, then my u/s is next Wednesday....maybe IUI around next Saturday-ish.

~Cousin delivered the baby yesterday via far as I know he is still in NICU for observation (labor was hard on him), but he is well and should come home in a few days.

~I'm liking my job less and less, and let's face it, I still harbor some resentment over it in relation to my m/c because of all the budget stress that started to happen the week before the sacs stopped growing. Plus I don't think I get paid enough...put it this way, I have a B.S and make under 30K a year. My manager is a spineless man who doesn't like conflict and pushes it onto people who aren't getting paid to handle conflict (ie-me and the secretary). Last time I checked that was HIS job, and it is HIS job to stand up for his employees....neither of which he does. He passes the buck like no man I have ever seen.....honestly we all think he is flat out annoying AND doesn't do his job so that is a bad combo.

~Lastly, I'm hungry.

That is all.


Tammy's Thought Pattern said...

I would just let them work it out on their own. As long as she isn't hurting him, what she is doing is pretty normal.

And I feel you about the job thing.

Jen said...

I have a B.S. too and for a while I made $17K a year. It was pathetic.

Look for a new job. You should have one that makes you happy. My company is a recruiting company. We only place engineers though, but you could look for a similar service.

nancy said...

I get that headache from clomid too. It sucks, no way around it.

What did the vet say about options for Ginger? I know of a bunch of natural herbal remedies that can be used if you are interested.

KatieM said...

Nancy, actually the vet did recommend a homeopathic anxiety reliever sold at the co-op below our house. I picked some up tonight, and I'm not sure how fast it is supposed to work, but it does *appear* she is slightly less anxious to have him around. They still play and such, but she isn't constantly watching him and following him.

jenn said...

I think I had the same herbal remedy (or a similar one) for my chase. It does seem to work, but after a while it just wasn't needed anymore. I agree with Tam that it mainly sounds normal- they'll work it out between the two of them. Roxy tortured Chase for quite some time to "break" him in. It'll be fine!

Duck said...

I hear you on not making much money but being educated, i have a bs, ba and chrm designation, my last job i made 35, but, i live in a province that takes 45% of you money in taxes. My first job out of uni was at mcdonalds, the only place that would hire me. Brutal job market in some places.
Start searching for a job your like!

Glad to read Ginger is doing okay, i know my dog would not tolerate a puppy in our house, way too jealous for that.