Monday, December 10, 2007

Hmm, the great infertile gamble...

Although I know I don't have many readers (and thats OK, I'm sort of a blogging newbie anyways, haha) I wanted to get some other opinions on what to do my next cycle, combo or all injects. In a previous post I mentioned that my insurance will cover my first cycle with the new doc (minus the actually IUI procedure) because all of these u/s are seeing how I respond to the meds, as in diagnostic, however once the actual IUI is done, nothing is covered unless a diagnosis other than IF is found during the first cycle. So...if we try two more IUI's here is how it all breaks down....

Combo then all injects cycles:

Meds, U/S, IUI, Total

C1 : 10.00* , 30.00 , 315.00, 375.00
C2: 1000.00, 500.00 , 315.00, 1815.00
Total: 2190.00 for both cycles

Injects, then combo cycles:

Meds, U/S, IUI, Total

C1: 600.00*, 30.00, 315.00, 945.00
C2: 500.00 , 500.00, 315.00, 1315.00

Total: 2260.00 for both cycles

*this price takes into consideration I have 300IU's left from my last cycle.

OK, so as you can see the total cost for both cycles only varies by 70.00 so that isn't a huge point in how my decision goes. However, what does matter is if I want to pay very little the first cycle and then if it not work, pay over 2000.00 for the second OR do I want to pay a roughly even amount for both cycles? Here are my thoughts:

1.) If we go ahead with combo cycle for the first IUI and it works like the last one, I only spent 345.00 dollars...whoo-hoo!

2.) If the combo cycle doesn't work and I end up going to all injects the next time and getting pregnant I spent the whole 2300.00. However if I ended up getting KU'd with all injects I could have gone straight to the first part of option 3.

3.) If I start with all injects and it works, I've spent 1000.00, but if I was going to get pregnant anyways then number one comes back into play with spending initially less money for success.

4.) Then if I do all injects and it doesn't work and move onto combo and it does.....I've still spent the 2300.00 on success and used a method that I could have only spent 400.00 for.

5.) Another option is to do two combo cycles, which would total 1670.00. However, if I do this option and don't get pregnant either times I will probably end up trying injects before shelling out 10K for IVF and that will end up totaling 3690.00 overall.

6.) And lastly, none of options 1-5 apply and I end up needing IVF, so then it all boils down to how much money do I feel like being fucked out of until I realize it isn't making me pregnant? =/

Oh, and I should mention we are all set to do the combo cycle first. He isn't even making me come in for a baseline since it's such a drive and he didn't see any cysts friday. I already have my script for clomid and the pharmacy has my inject script on hold until Jan. However, Dr. W said that if I wanted we could easily switch to all injects first, just to let him know. So, what would YOU do?!

P.S- I meant to add this last bit before I posted this blog and the anon comment made me remember it. I am in no means saying that I wouldn't spend the more expensive option if it meant having my precious little one. I know in the long run, once I actually get that BFP (and have a successful pregnancy) then I won't bat an eye about the cost to get there, but unfortunately for now, money is an issue and in reality, it's all a gamble....


Anonymous said...

I think you need to make your decision based on what is going to be most effective. Forget about price because once you have a baby you won't care how much money you spent - trust me!

jennifercarol said...

I'd do the combo cycle first, I think because that was what worked before (am I getting this right?) I think your RE had good advice the other day when he mentioned that what was done to get you a BFP was separate from the m/c and so you should try that first. I know the money factor is hard to discount though.

KatieM said...

Thank you for your comment. You made me remember a slight disclaimer I meant to have on the original post. I know that what you say is true...however, it is sad that money has to be such an immediate factor huh? Congrats on your little one, whoever you are ;)

KatieM said...


That is the course I am set to take now. Hmm, I need to find a chart giving the success rates of combo cycles vs. all injects. It is my assumption that the only reason inject cycles are more successful is because it helps make more targets for sperm...hmmm. Dr. Google here I come...

Monica Fayth said...

Hey I was checking out Stirrup Queens the other night and realized she had a spot where people with big questions like this could look for others going through the same stuff. And since she has such a large blogroll, you might want to check there to see how many others may have had to make the same decision.

jenn said...

I think that the combo-injects sounds good- for the same reason as Jen mentioned. It's what worked before & besides the $$$ issue it seems like you might respond the same way again.

I like how this RE is treating you- so much better than Dr. Jackass!