Sunday, December 23, 2007

Early Christmas Gift!

Okay, so I am being a bit of a blog whore today but I needed to share my early Christmas gift that DH gave me tonight. Here it is:

I was super shocked because one, DH usually isn't the best at gift giving (although I will admit this year he rocked, and not just for me), and two, because I have NEVER gotten jewelry from him before. He didn't even have an engagement ring when he proposed so this is a BIG deal. Isn't it pretty? I love it. It isn't one of those things I can wear everyday, but I will definitely wear it every time I get a tomorrow night for example, at our family get together =)


Jen said...

Beautiful! I am jealous! I say wear it all the time. I often wear my good jewelry with jeans and t-shirts. It is especially fun when they are my nice pearls.

Poltzie said...

It's beautiful! Merry Christmas!

jenn said...

Absolutely beautiful! Your tree is perfect & I love the ornament too. Oh- & you guys are an adorable couple.

I would wear that necklace with sweats!