Saturday, December 15, 2007

Forgotten Appt.s and Baby Dancing...

So yesterday (Friday) I wake up and see that my CF Doc's office called the day before but didn't leave a message. I knew had an appt. there on the 19th (so my reminder card said) so I wonder why they were calling almost a week ahead of time. I call them back at 8:45 Friday morning telling them I was returning the phone call and was checking to see what it pertained to. After a few minutes the lady on the phone then goes..."well, apparently it was about your appt. at 9:15 today." Umm....what? My card says the 19th!!! Holy shit! So I tell her what my card said but I will be there because luckily enough I live 10 minutes from the office. So I jump up, quickly washed my face (no time for a shower), slapped on some minimal make-up, and Thomas and I drove to my appt. making it there at 9:18....only 3 minutes late...not bad!

Anyways, my CF doc knows about the whole infertility thing and asked how it was going in that department. I explain to him about getting pregnant, the twins, and then the m/c. He says he is really sorry because he and his wife had two m/c's in between their two children (I actually already knew this), but it was nice to know he cared. So, the appt. goes well, I have a little bit of a head cold but my lungs are clear, etc etc. After checking me over my doc asks if I am still working out on a regular basis and I say yes, at least 4 times a week. Then Thomas pipes up and goes "yeah, she dances around the living room almost every night" (sidenote: He is referring to the fact I do Core Rhythms, the dance video's). However, as soon as he says this, my doctor (who understands the TTC lingo) goes..."Baby Dancing, yes?" I cracked up right then and there.....I really like my doc!

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