Thursday, December 20, 2007

Random topics

~The students are gone and surprisingly the week that was supposed to be "slow" has turned out to be very busy and quite eventful. Number one, I spend two days (three, once I'm done with today) cleaning out the labs I "coordinate" over. Good lord students are messy and really have NO regard for laboratory respect. I have two labs down: the micro and A and P, and will be working on chemistry brings me a lot of satisfaction to hear my boss say he has never seen the labs so clean (and quite frankly he is right). It's not as if I don't straighten up and clean throughout the semester, it's just fairly difficult to do the "all day cleaning" when you have over 300 students parading in and out of them on a weekly basis. I also spent yesterday working on getting my annual eval paperwork today. Although I have been with my company for 3 years, this is my first time in this department and their evals are run completely different than what I have had in the past.

~Also, today is my last day of work until Jan. 2nd, and I could not be more thankful. I haven't had a vacation in two years and taking this week off is mandatory with the college, I get paid, AND I don't have to use my PTO...Rock On! However I did walk into a potential severe budget crisis (which, btw is not my job but somehow got put on me in the recent months), that was thankfully avoided although the outcome still isn't "fair" for my department. Oh well, what can I say...we aren't exactly a well-oiled machine sometimes, but we survive. It's a good thing I have a few co-workers who can laugh at all the "crap" with me most of the keeps us sane, haha.

~On another note, I sent my OB/GYN an edible arrangement this week just to say "Thanks!" for all she did, and better yet, actually caring for me as a patient. I hope she likes it....they are super yummy!

~My husband turns 33 on Christmas Eve, and we are going out to dinner tomorrow. This means that I will be 23 next month (we are almost exactly 10 years apart), which is a nice age I imagine, however we started trying when I was much does that suck huh? I really would like to have two kids by the time he turns 40, guess we will see how that pans out.


Jen said...

I could go for some vacation too!

jennifercarol said...

I get a 6 day weekend this week and a 4 day weekend next week, and it only cost me 3 vacation days. Woohoo!

Oh and congrats on the clean labs. As a former chem student, I've been a little guilty of some lab abuse.