Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An awesome STD moment!

Never thought you would see the word STD and awesome in the same sentence huh? Haha, actually I just verified some news about my short-term disability. When I started working full time for the company I had been with 3 years I then became eligible for benefits. Well, since I already had great insurance through my husbands work AND his work offered std without extra payment from the employee I just assumed mine did as well (yeah, dumb I know) and declined all benefits through my own company.

Well, when I got pregnant back in Sept. I realized that I needed to look up on the std benefits for maternity leave. So, that is when I find out I didn't automatically have std through my company and even if I got it during open enrollment, my pregnancy was pre-existing so it didn't matter, why bother. So as we all know that pregnancy didn't end well, so when open enrollment rolled around again in November I signed up for std because I would need it once I got pregnant again (yes I was being super optimistic). Now my new effective date is Jan. 1st, which is all fine and dandy but put me in a bit of a bind as to when to continue with fertility treatments post m/c. Medically I was cleared to try again once I got my first real AF post m/c because everything was so small, passed on it's own, blah blah blah. Now, as we all know it is hard to tell what our bodies will do (in regards to cycles) after such a thing occurs....I could have a 20 day cycle or it could be 2 months before I see AF again so I had to wait it out.

Back to the present...I am cd 29 of my waiting cycle and based on CM and temps in all likely hood O'd yesterday. So, if this is true (and time will tell in a day or two) then I should expect AF on Christmas (if my LP remains the same as it was). Merry freaking Christmas to me...ironically I started AF on christmas last year....as well as thanksgiving AND my birthday...Rock on! However, should this be the case I would miss my std effective date by 6 days, and since pregnancies are dated from LMP I was worried my std wouldn't cover my maternity leave should we miraculously get pregnant again, and that would mean we have to wait another cycle (end of Jan) to start meds and that puts us at Feb. for the IUI. So, being the analytical person I am I called my std company again to see if pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition based on LMP or conception....since in their own booklet a pre-existing condition is "any situation that would require absence in which you have had medical care for 90 days prior to the day before your effective date". Now, my train of thought is this....if my LMP starts before my effective date of Jan. 1st but my conception date is after my effective date then it can't be considered pre-existing because there was no medical care for this pregnancy given in the three months prior to Jan. 1st. According to the lady on the phone, I was right! I won't even have an u/s with my RE until cd13 of my medicated cycle so there will be NO medical care (OB, RE or otherwise) pertaining to getting pregnant or being pregnant until after my std effective date so I can go ahead and start my IUI cycle. Woo-Hoo!!

Now, the only thing that would throw a wrench in my plans (as it always does) is have some obnoxiously short LP for me such as 9-10 days.....then I am cutting it really close because at 10 days that would put me at getting my next AF on Dec. 21st and my first RE u/s on Jan. 2nd...Eeek! haha.

Anyways...that was good news for me....but I'm sure it bored the hell out of anyone reading it, lol.


Aimee AKA adlz said...

Hey Kat! Just wanted to let you know you have another reader. I can't wait to see you reach your goal of having a healthy child, and in the mean time look forward to following your trials and tribulations and providing as much support as I can through cyperspace. :)

jenn said...

I think you will be fine- it sounds like the care for the "pregnancy" is what matters. Isn't your ultrasound for the RE covered seperately under insurance for diagnostic reasons...