Friday, December 21, 2007

Good Ol' Ginger

As it turns out, we woke up this morning to about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch of "heavy" snow (obviously not heavy as in the amount, but heavy as in the consistency...the opposite of "light and fluffy") and to top it off it was surprise precipitation, which was even better. This was the first snow of the year that actually stuck to anything, so Thomas and I were very delighted to take Ginger outside to see what she would do in her first "snow". Technically it wasn't her first snow seeing as the vet estimates her b/day in Nov. of last year, but it is her first snow with us.

Just as expected, she LOVED it!! She had Thomas and I cracking up outside around 8 this morning. She runs and slides, eats it, and chases snowballs and then gets confused when she can't find them again. Really, it was great and she has been begging to go back outside all morning. I recorded a video on my cell phone (note to self: get video camera before a baby) and will up load it as soon as I pull it off. It is just one of those things that make you smile, and was a wonderful way to start off my vacation =)

Oh, and PS, just to let you know how wacky our weather has been here this is supposed to be 60 degrees on Sunday =/


K @ ourboxofrain said...

We've had more than 20 inches of snow in the past 8 days. Thanfully, our dog also loves the snow, even though many of the drifts are deeper than he is tall.

Jen said...

My dog is always astounded when there is snow. She runs around with an attitude of complete surprise. "Hey, there's some over here! There's some over here too! Look, there's some over here!"

KatieM said...

~K, whoa....20 inches? I'm fairly certain the last time that happened around my area was 1996 we had about 12 in, but that was the last thing that came close.

~Jen, that is EXACTLY what Ginger does! She was running around like a crazy puppy, it was awesome.

jenn said...

Chase does the same exact thing with the snowballs- he gets so confused when he can't locate the exact pile of snow you threw! Roxy on the other hand catches them in mid-air. every time. I love the pups in the snow!