Sunday, January 4, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Yeah, OK I'm a *little* late at getting either of these posts in, but ya know, what can ya do? ;-) Christmas this year was obviously one of our best ever because I was blessed enough to spend it with my family which included Cullen. It was just another reminder of how much of a difference a year can make since last Christmas was one of the saddest for Thomas and I. As far as tradition though, nothing changed because we went to my Mom's Christmas Eve just like always.....except this time there were a few more presents under the tree. Did I tell you that next year there will be TWO more babies besides my own? Yeah, my Dad is putting another addition on their house to accommodate our quickly growing family. After this though, the only people continuing this growth will be Thomas and I because both of my brother's are finished (although my oldest brother has always wanted to adopt but quite frankly his wife isn't exactly the "mothering" type and I highly doubt this will ever happen). Anyways, last year I posted this post with pictures of Christmas if you want to compare, but if not (and really, why would you right?) here is a peak of this year's festivities.

The big family portrait
Just chilling at G'mas....I just fell in love with this little onsie =)
Various action shotsThese next two pictures are of my Mom and Dad holding Cullen. Other than liking the pictures themselves, I imagine these are the moments I am going to be grateful that I captured on film when Cullen is grown and they are no longer around (as sad as that is to think about right now).
Opening presents makes me sleepy....
Mommy and Me....and yes people, that is spit up, lol.
The new family....

Now, onto New Years. I was in bed by 10ish, like normal, but Thomas woke me up to see the ball drop. My son spent New Years Eve like this....
As for the whole resolution thing, Thomas vowed to lose the baby weight (I told him he should take up breastfeeding....I would get more sleep-although as I've mentioned before I really am a well rested new mom considering-and he would guarantee shed some pounds, lol) and I simply made a promise to Cullen that I would be the best Mommy I can be. My personal goal is to make a budget and stick to it since we will either have the extra expense of day care or a reduction in salary on my part (more on that to come later). Either way....all of them seem perfectly reasonable and I am anxious to see what 2009 holds for myself and my new family =)

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jenn said...

Looks like a perfect Christmas & New Year's to me! Love the pics of your sleepy baby!