Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The GRE's

Ah...the GRE's. The most important step into entering grad school. I have been putting off taking these things for a few reasons. Number one I was hoping to do an online program and didn't require them (and actually was in one for 4 months but ended up hating it), two, I hate to study and three, even though I am a great student, I do have testing anxiety because I am afraid I will end up not performing to my known potential.....but none the less, my new MS program requires it so I took them last Saturday. All in all, they really weren't that bad (and I didn't even study for them!), but I am a bit surprised by my results. Overall I did very well, but my quantitative score was higher than my verbal by a couple hundred which was the exact opposite of the last standardized test I took (the SAT's) and in every previous standardized test. I have ALWAYS been a more "verbal" person....in fact, I actually struggle some in math because it isn't something I enjoy even though I'm also extremely science oriented. Yes, I know...my brain is a tad bit complicated, lol.

Anyways, after the test I began to think about why this change had taken place and came to a few conclusions

1.) It has been almost 6 years since I have engaged in any type of English based course. My BS was composed entirely of fact-driven, scientific information courses like A and P, Microbiology, Chemistry, etc.
2.) I don't read a lot anymore. Sure, I read text books and scientific articles which I have to comprehend, but again those are based in factual information and understanding data, stats, and experimental results...not exactly abstract concepts, or even implied concepts...it either is, or it isn't.
3.) As an adult, I don't work on it anymore....in other words, use it or lose it. I need to start doing crosswords and/or word games again as I've found it really does help.

Anyways, as I said, my scores were fine and I sent them off to my intended school.....I was just a little taken aback by the breakdown of them because it was so different from anything I've taken before, apparently my brain changed, lol.


Jen said...

I think that taking a lot of science really changes the way you think. I can't remember my scores off hand, but my quantitative score was quite strong. Not really a surprise for a chemistry major. Good luck with the master's application. With the GRE under your belt you'll probably get into an even better program anyhow. And best of all it is all over now!

Jen said...

I got snowed out of the GREs and they refused to refund my money because they weren't snowed in. (I had to drive more than an hour to take them.) So I am still mad at them. (Yes, it has been seven years or so since then.)