Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About halfway through

I'm about halfway through the day and I am making it so far. I called once this morning to check on him and learned that calling actually makes me *more* anxious because then I discover she is not doing things like ~I~ letting my son sleep all morning instead of simply waking him up to play and eat. I told her that he sleeps when he's bored, so sometimes you actually have to interact with him to keep his interest and he doesn't cry when he's hungry so you have to watch the clock or for his hunger I called at 10 and when she told me he was still sleeping I told her to wake him up and feed him (his last meal was at 6:30 that morning)...he NEVER sleeps that long in the morning with me. One of my biggest fears was she was going to throw his sleeping off and he would sleep all day there and be up all night, which again he has NEVER done before....believe it or not, my child doesn't have his days and nights mixed up (potentially until now, and that makes one unhappy momma).

So....I've learned to just resist every urge to call back. I know she isn't harming him, and quite frankly learning exactly what she IS doing is stressing me out. Luckily though, my lab assistants-three wonderful woman who I love to work with-entertained me for about 2 hours this morning by just sitting around talking and catching up, which I greatly appreciate. Also, it does feel good to get out of the house all day since I have been inside most of the time with Cullen (it's so freaking cold lately) and that may play a little role in the fact I haven't actually cried (at least not at work), but regardless, I desperately wish it was 6 o'clock now (the time Thomas will get home from picking Cullen up).


Jen said...

You can make it! Cullen will be very happy to see you guys tonight!

Jewels said...

awww, I didnt know you were going back to work today, seams like you just had him (((hugs))) It get's easier, I think our imaginations can be our worst enemy too.

jenn said...

I hope the rest of the day wasn't too bad & that you got to enjoy some nice time with him tonight! (and of coure that his sleep schedule isn't ~too~ far off!)