Monday, January 12, 2009

Randomness of me

As you can imagine since Cullen has been born the camera is always within reach in our home. However sometimes when I'm transferring pictures to the computer I come across photos that DH has taken that I've either forgotten about or simply didn't know were being taken, but none the less it depicts our new "normal" life around here lately (at least the first 6 weeks pp), and I wanted to share.

This is one of my favorite pictures with Cullen. It's my perfect moment (sorry for the slight nipple peek, lol).
I think I was on the computer here just chilling out
Oh yeah...BFing in the car

Talk about your close-upsAnd finally....the activity and sleepiness that the morning brings....
You can't see it in this last picture, but I am making funny faces at Cullen (and he was reciprocating with smiles). It was after his morning feed and he was super awake.

Preview for tomorrow....GRE results!!


Jen said...

The pics are so funny :) So is the GRE over now? It wasn't so bad for me, but I was glad to have it over. I hate studying for tests like that.

Monica Fayth said...

Love the pics!

When I took my GRE, I did it on the computer so I knew the results right away. I liked not having to wait!

jenn said...

I love the last one! Your eyes tell it all, lol!

What a nice documentation of the first days! I purposefully got a new phone with a great camera knowing i would want it on hand all the time!

Jen said...

Elizabeth and I do the same knee sitting with funny faces.

docgrumbles said...

Great candid pics!

Ewww...GRE...I actually had to take it an extra time because I took so long between my master's and PhD that my scores expired! Never want to take it again!