Monday, January 5, 2009

That time is approaching!

In 2 weeks and 2 days I will be sitting at my desk right now rather than being here with my little man...and quite frankly it just flat out sucks. The good thing is I *might* have secured a place to keep him during the day, but I am still looking for various part time jobs because I want to be home during the day with him....especially when the weather breaks and I can take him for walks or to the park that is literally 2 blocks away. Plus, we all know how much I HATE my job (yes, I know I am thankful to at least have a job, don't even go there will ya?)

Oh, speaking of work and things I hate....I have a MIL (ha!) story regarding this issue. About 3 weeks ago when Cullen was 1 month my MIL comes up and asks when I will be going back to work and what we will be doing with the baby. I tell her I go back the 21st of Jan and as of right now we have no idea. If worse comes to worse I will have to stay off longer than expected, at least for a week or so. THEN she goes ON and ON about how leaving him will be the worst thing I will ever do and how much I am going to cry and cry and cry....because that is how she did with Thomas (although she called him Eddie which drives us both up a freaking wall, but anyways) and I will be missing on of the most important times of my son's life. THEN she proceeds to say "Well, of course I had a year off with Eddie". Does anyone else see how utterly wrong this was? I mean, did you really just tell a hormonal partpartum mother who doesn't want to leave her child with anyone else right now that YOU got an entire fucking year off work and cried and cried and cried when you had to leave him then? How the hell do you think ~I~ feel after less than three months? And of course she then she proceeds to rub it in by stating how I will be missing one of the greatest times of my son's life?!?!?! Seriously lady.....F***k You.


Anonymous said...

Oh brother. Your MIL deserves a nice big *smack* right in the face. Why are they always so inconsiderate?

Don't worry at all about going back to work. It is NOT that bad, I swear. I have done it twice now, the first time was sort of hard, but it gets better everyday. After my second child I went back to work without even batting an eye--because I knew that she was going to be fine, and so was I. Both my kids are thriving in day care. My older daughter (age 4) actually finds me boring as compared to being with her daycare friends! LOL. You'll be okay. *hugs*


Megan said...

what is it with MILs when a new baby comes along? can they not remember what it was like for them to be a new mom and have a little more sensitivity?

i hope you can get everything worked out just how you want it.

Chuck, Sarah and Emily said...

I agree with Kristin--while it stunk having to go back to work, knowing that Em was taken care of made it bearable....and now that she is bigger--seeing the smile and having her come crawling to me when I get home makes every second of work disappear!

jenn said...

ugh... what a shame. I hope you find a part time job that works for you guys. I know I would (will) dread that day of going back to work!

Jen said...

I go back to work on Thursday, so I totally hear you on all this. My grandmother keeps going on and on about what a shame it is that I have to go back to work and how much I'll miss Jillian. Of course, she still expects me to keep making payments on that loan she gave me for grad school.

Jewels said...

Well.. you know the difference between In-laws and Out-laws?

Out-laws are Wanted.

I wished I could take a year (or more) off and be a SAHM. I would love it.

To A T said...

Oh my MIL's say some of the dumbest things ever! How bitchy was that?
I hope you are able to find some child care soon! And one that you are completely comfortable with :)