Friday, March 14, 2008

Update and busy weekend

Yeah, it's been a few days since I last posted. There isn't a lot going on, and I am just getting through the 2WW. Speaking of 2WW I am 7dpo today and my temp shot up this morning, you can check it out here. The chart overlay you see is from my IUI in Sept. that resulted in my first BFP. So, in lieu of all of this I am going to start testing Sunday at 9dpiui rather than Monday at 10dpiui just because I can. I found my IC HPTs in a drawer so I am ready to go! LoL. I think I have three left so I will test Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Then if I haven't gotten a BFP yet I will grab a test from work and test Wednesday which will put me testing through 12dpiui....then I'll stop. Sounds completely reasonable right? haha.

The good thing is I do have a lot to keep me busy these next couple of days. My dog trainer is coming at 1:30 this afternoon, and then after that DH and I have to go out to buy gifts for my niece and nephew. Then tomorrow I am leaving at 9:00am to drive upstate (DH is staying home with the dogs) for my niece and nephews birthday party, and will be gone all day. Lastly, on Sunday I have to work for a few hours and clean the house. So all in all it is going to be a fairly busy weekend. *If* by some miracle I get an early BFP on Sunday I will definitely let everyone know....if not I probably won't post again until Monday. Have a great weekend all! =D


Jen said...

Wow, your chart looks great. I will keep my fingers crossed all weekend.

Jen said...

It is almost scary how closely that chart resembles the September one. You know I've got everything crossed for you, hun.

Kelly said...

Good luck!! I've got everything crossed for you! Your chart looks amazing! :)

jenn said...

scary, eerie- I hope that hope isn't getting to be too much, I'll keep her right here with me until you start testing!

Good luck!