Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shorts and Photos

I bought shorts yesterday. Now, I know what you are big deal, it's a normal purchase...spring is around the corner and shorts are a staple in the summer. However, this is a big deal for me. Number one, I don't really like to wear shorts. Although I am average for my age and height most of my weight is carried in my legs (it's a lovely trait I got from my Dad's side of the family, I mean come 5'1 my legs can only be but so long!). Number two (and maybe the most important) is ever since we began TTC I refuse to buy clothes one season ahead of time because in my heart I just know I will be pregnant by then so I won't be able to wear what I buy AND I of course will be needing to buy more clothes (maternity obviously) by the time "next season" rolls around. But yesterday.....yesterday I broke this ridiculous state of mind and actually bought shorts.....shorts for spring and shorts for summer (very cute plaid ones I may add!). I'm actually a bit proud of myself!

Next, the photos.... After DH and I got back from a little morning shopping his mom came by to drop off some baby pictures of DH for something his work is doing. Now, up until yesterday I had never seen a baby picture of the only picture I had seen he was around 3 or 4. So, because of this it has always been hard for me to truly picture what our baby would look like ....I always imagined our kid, but never baby.....until yesterday. Yesterday I saw pictures of DH as a baby (around 6 months) and obviously knowing how I looked as an infant I finally got a real idea of what our future might hold. It was such a bittersweet moment....and it made me want this IUI (or one very soon) to work more than ever. DH really was a sweet looking baby....although he always disagrees with me ;-)


Jen said...

I don't like to wear shorts either. I have to make sure my legs are totally shaved and I get too cold inside with all the air conditioning.

I do the same thing with clothes. Last year, I broke down and bought new jeans (I could always wear them afterwards, right?). And in a terribly depressing manner, those jeans are nearly worn out and I need to buy more new ones.

La La said...

Awww, (about the baby picture).

I feel the same way you do about the whole shorts (I am also about 5 ft tall) and about not wanting to buy clothes right now. ::sigh:: Kudos to you for the bravery! ;)

La La said...

PS We are always our own worst critics - I'm sure the shorts will look adorable on you!