Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last night was fun!

So, last night was super fun! We had a nice dinner, and then headed to the comedy show. Our seats were AWESOME....only 6 rows back from the stage. The opening act was really funny, and surprisingly I laughed a lot at Car.lin too. He's a bit funnier in person than on the many CD's I have listened to in DH's car; plus it was new material, so that was nice.


La La said...
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La La said...

Glad you had a good time!!

Jen said...

Oh, good! I don't like him because I feel that all he has to be funny is using swear words. If you took his swear words away, I don't think he would have anything to say. I just never thought that he was creative or smart at all. I don't like comedians who just use shock value and not intelligence or wit. :) Of course, my husband says that I am spoiled and stuck up. :)