Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well, that's new

So I come home from work for lunch and discovered that Ginger had a huge diarrhea blow-out in her cage. She has NEVER done that before....however, we are in the transition of switching her foods, so apparently that was not a good idea. See, we have been giving her Science Diet Original, but it gave her a lot of gas so I thought it may be upsetting her tummy a little bit. So, because of this DH and I thought changing to Lamb and Rice would help the issue......yeah, guess not.....back to the original it is. I can deal with a few farts, but THIS, no thanks.

I felt so bad for her though because she was so ashamed when I walked in. Her tail was tucked and she didn't look at me. Luckily she is a very clean dog so she folded over her blanket so none of the poop was showing or could get on her.....poor baby.


Jen said...

That has happened to my Trin twice. She gets so upset that she actually bends the metal of the cage trying to get out. And then she won't go back in the crate ever again (well, she will because she is obedient, but she looks SO SAD), so we have to buy her a new crate.

We weren't changing her food when that happened, we just figured that she had an upset stomach for some reason.

Lauren said...

Poor thing! That's pretty gross, but kind of cute too--in that she tried to keep her cage clean so you wouldn't see it.

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to ask if you were mixing it? I have 2 pups and when we went to switch food our vet said to start mixing it slowly and add a little more in each day until you are completley on the new food. Switching all at one time is hard on their tummy. :) Good luck!

KatieM said...

Yeah, we've been mixing it for about a month now hoping it wouldn't mess up her tummy, but apparently she just can't tolerate it at all. I noticed her having potty issues a few days ago, but I figure this was definite proof I have to live with her farts =P

jenn said...

Chase did that once- it was the most horrible thing to come home to. I felt so bad for him too because he was so afraid & ashamed. And covered- yuck!

And I tagged you on my blog- I hope it can distract you a little until monday's beta!