Monday, December 29, 2008

As promised

Ok internet world, I am keeping with my promise and making up for lost time here. First of all, I am really bad at updating (which is a bit ironic because I LOVE it when people update their blog with pictures and such) bad in fact I don't even remember the last thing I told you or all the great things that have happened since then. I am bad about this in real life too. I have one of those "Baby's First Year" memory books and have yet to start filling it out....=/ This is why scrapbooking is so not for me. Overall though, things are is great so let's run it down.

~I think I love him more everyday which I didn't even think was possible.
~He loves his rocker and swing and is just starting to actually care about toys.
~He follows the dogs around the room with his eyes and just recently started socially smiling at Thomas and I. Actually, I think he has been doing this longer than I realized, but because he randomly smiled so much the transition was a bit hard to decipher.
~He doesn't really cry a lot but he is a huge grunter, which is what I've learned to interpret.
~He's a great eater, and loves the boob.
~He loves it when we go places.
~He is losing his hair from front to back.
~He's growing like a weed, and I have pictures to prove it ;-)

So, in lieu of that, let me flood you with pictures....I honestly don't know exactly how old he is in each one (told you I was bad at this) but they go in order from younger until now....these are a few of my personal favorites....

This outfit is completely too big for him now

A group shot with my younger cousin and her son, Tanner, who is Cullen's older cousin (by 18 days)
Crazy eye shot! (Oh, and it looks like my son has red hair here doesn't it?)
I had to put this picture in there. Apparently my son and I are not the only ones in the house who likes his boppy.
"Good Morning Daddy....What's up?"
I call this his angel's so sweet!
I loved this outfit.....can you read the characters?

Sleepy boy....

~Pictures with other people~

Sleeping with Dad

"Hey Charlie....we match!"
"Whoa, It's Gayle!"
The family
"Hi Mommy! I think I like looking at you more than the tree!"
Aunt Diane....she called herself Grandma Diane...I loved it, my MIL would flip if she knew though.
And Uncle Jerry (btw, Diane and Jerry are literally the only sane people in my husband's family)

So, there it is....the last few weeks in review =) Oh, and I purposely left off pictures from Christmas because that is a completely different post (and another opportunity to post more pictures ::wink::)


Amanda said...

Kat...great pics! Cullen is adorable! Glad things are going well for you.

Jewels said...

Oh he's so adorable, you look so happy.

When you say you love him more every day, it's so true, not that there is a more or less in the love for our children, but my son is 13 and I'm so insanely crazy about him that it's probably unhealthy (I know I always say this but I sometimes think people don’t realize until they have one that the love for a child, it just doesn’t EVER go away, I love him so much it hurts. Makes me realize after having him how much my parents love me. I never knew.
Congrats again Kat.

jenn said...

Oh Kat! Thanks for all the pics- he is adorable!!!!

Kelly said...

What a cutie!! He's grown so much too:)

La La said...

My little ones had that same "Who needs Santa...?" Onsie.