Thursday, April 9, 2009


I introduced formula to Cullen for the first time today. Well technically it isn't his FIRST time with it because we had to give him a bit of formula in addition to nursing in the first 24 hours after birth because of blood sugar issues (a side effect of my GD), but since then he has been strictly boobie juice. As it stands right now since he upped his ounces, I'm only about one day ahead of what he needs for the babysitter as far as stored milk goes so I want to build that back up. Plus, Thomas and I are thinking about getting away for our anniversary in about a month and I will need to have at least a 2 day supply for whomever (ei-my mom) is keeping him. So, in order to do this (because I am already pumping like crazy) I am going to start mixing in a little bit (an ounce or two) of soy formula for each bottle he gets at the sitters but still keep pumping my same amount and nursing him in the morning and night. That way, each day I will be able to store one bottle more than just enough to give him the next day.

Also, I was going to introduce cereal to him this weekend, but seeing as we just started this routine with the formula I don't want to overload his little digestive system so we will probably see how well he tolerates the soy stuff (I chose soy because he always had really bad gas whenever I would eat a lot of dairy) and then do the rice cereal thing NEXT weekend which also just so happens to be his 5 month old birthday (HOLY CRAP!!).

Coming up tomorrow....adorable bath pictures! =)


Jen said...

5 months? Jeez time flies by. Can't wait for the pics :)

Old Mom New Baby said...

I don't know about you but when I started giving Dylan something other than boobie juice, I felt sad. They grow up so quick.

Jen said...

Yeah, except for the beginning, Elizabeth would spit out all formula, so we stopped trying. We never tried mixing it though.