Friday, April 10, 2009

Formula update and thanks

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their comments on the bath pics =) Oh, and Julie, the boppy looking thing you see in the sink is this. It is a cushioned seat. A few weeks ago Cullen just got too big for his EZ bather thing but was still too little for a hard bath chair(I never used an official baby bathtub for him, I HATED it...anyways)...I found the cushioned one and it's perfect. He can sit up if he wants, but also lay back without his head going under the water...these days he prefers to sit.

Secondly the formula thing went OK, but not great. The sitter said he really didnt like his first bottle and kept making faces but she divided it into 2, 3 oz bottles and by 9:30 he eventually drank it all. Then he ate his second bottle almost 5 hours later (his normal is 3-4 hours in between meals), but she said he was probably so hungry he didn't care. Then he completely cut out his 3rd bottle and waited for me to get off work....yeah, my baby likes the boob. We are going to try again with the formula mixture (a 5:1 breastmilk to formula ratio) today and see what happens.

Also, I have a question since I am new to this formula thing. I know that the can says to use within 24 hours of mixing (the whole not sterile thing), but if I am mixing it with so much breastmilk can I make it, combine it, put it in my bags and freeze it within 24 hours just like I have been doing with the breastmilk? Then unthaw it as needed and it still be good? All the information I can find says it doesn't affect nutritional quality but may cause separation of the products; however I believe this is assumed it is purely mixed with water. I mean, even breastmilk separates...but once it is heated it goes back to normal. Thoughts?


Jen said...

I don't know about freezing the formula, we've never tried that.

I bet he'll get used to the taste of the formula soon. He's just so used to one taste only.

Jen said...

I also don't know about freezing formula. Maybe it would be better to mix up the formula each morning separately and then add it to the breast milk just before feeding? Just a thought.

KatieM said...

Ah, good thought. Maybe I will try that instead. I already have 3, 6oz bags of the mixed stuff so I will go ahead and freeze that for Monday and hope it is all OK (because I would cry if I had to throw away 15 oz of breastmilk). Then start putting less in the freezer bags and pack formula for a topper fresh each day.