Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter pictures

Cullen and my Mom

The cousins (from left to right, up and down): Kevin, my brother Freddie, Dawn, Me, My brother Jodie, Peggy, Brittany and Larry. We are missing Jeff and Kim to make the picture complete.
My dad and Cullen
The 2nd cousins (otherwise known as great-grandchildren-again left to right): Cameron, Shanley holding Lucas, Jessica holding Caiden, Grant, Carsen holding Cooper, Hannah holding Cullen and Bri. We are missing Elena, Myah, Aaron Bailey and Taylor.
A family of Four generations: My grandmother in the middle, My dad holding his grandson Cullen, my Aunt holding her grandson Tanner, Myself and my Cousin.
Kristen and Tanner, Cullen and Me.


nancy said...

wow. Such great family pictures Katie!

La La said...

Aww, cute pics. Thanks for sharing! =)