Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things I learned at work

Yesterday my co-worker and I learned of some, for lack of a better word, rude comments that were made about her and I from the program director (think manager for those not in the academia world) of ANOTHER department to our program director. Basically this other PD needed some work done in his department (although I don't understand why because he has 2 full time secretaries and we run on one part time) so he apparently "scoped" out my co-worker and I one day and told our PD that she or I needed to come help him with whatever his stupid project was because we, and I quote, "don't do anything all day". This comment was spurred from the fact that he apparently walked by my office 3 times in one day and I was "just sitting at my desk". Wow, imagine that....someone with an office actually sitting at their desk....whoa, call the compliance department....I'm apparently screwing the company out of money by being at my desk! And as for my co-worker she just apparently "didn't look busy". Well let me tell ya, that woman does the job of a full time secretary in 4 hours a day...she is kick ass at her job!

This conversation bothers me for several reasons. Mainly, this other PD has absolutely no idea what my job description actually is so who the hell is he to say I'm not doing it. Obviously if MY manager thought the same thing, I would of heard of it by now. Too bad I got slightly over the normal 3% raise last year because of all that I do. MY job is to set up the labs (they are always done), make sure the lab is clean (I now get my assistant to do this, but it always gets done) and prepare for the weeks and the semester ahead by making sure our supplies are stocked and the equipment if all of that is being done, I AM DOING MY JOB!!! I will admit that summer is considerably slower than fall and spring semesters (obviously), but that still doesn't give him the right to comment I don't do anything all day by seeing me 3 times sitting at my desk. And I will also admit that I don't like my job....quite frankly it is boring, because when all of above mentioned things are done...I'm done. I don't have phones to answer, clients to deal with, etc so as far as stimulating work....this is NOT it. But still....I come to work, I do my described job, and I go home.

So, if I didn't already know how F'ed up my work is anyways....this is a great example and here is what I've come to conclude:

1.) You never know who is watching your back and trying to screw you over for their own personal gain.

2.) I have now decided to keep my door shut at all times with a sign that says "Knock before entering". It is nobody's damn business how they *think* I should be doing my job as long as I am doing it and everyone who it directly affects (students, professors and MY manager) is be it.

3.) Lastly (and this is the one that bothers me the most) this yet again proves how terribly suited and spineless my manager really is. When this comment was made about me and my co-worker, instead of defending us or telling this other PD he didn't think it was appropriate for him to say that....he said nothing....just nodded his head because Wilton is his friend and he doesn't like conflict of any kind. Thus, leading Wilton to think my manager thought it was true as well.

::sigh:: only 24 more weeks until I get a break from here.......


Jen said...

Lovely. I love office politics.

docgrumbles said...

So, crappy academia politics go in at other places, too? I am somewhat relieved to hear it. PhDs can be some of the biggest asses on the planet (except me, of course - I am the one decent one out there).

I really resent how people in academia often treat their educated and hardworking employees and students as inferior and expendable cattle. I hope I never become of those types.

jenn said...

Wow- it sounds like my old job. The office politics are exhausting to navigate. So I left! Good luck to you- I hope you can wade through for the next few months unscathed.