Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged a few weeks back by several people so I figure I will fulfill my duty now =)

4 things I did ten years ago (1998)...

~Believe it or not I was an 8th grade cheerleader getting ready for HS
~I got my first real kiss
~My family moved into the house my parents still live in now
~I got my toy poodle, Stacie (who is just as spunky as ever)

4 things I did five years ago (2003)...

~I graduated HS
~I moved to Greensboro with my boyfriend of 2 years
~I broke up with boyfriend of 2 years
~I worked in a Vet's Office

4 things I did yesterday...

~I went to my doctors appt.
~I talked to my Mom
~I played outside with my dogs
~I watched NCIS with DH

4 shows I love to watch (seriously, just 4? I will admit I like TV at night, although I regularly complain there is nothing on)...

~Big Bang Theory
~How I met your Mother
~Top Chef

Oh, and Numbers and Ghost Whisperer (yeah, I cheated, lol)

4 things that really make me happy

~the thought of becoming a Mom and seeing DH as a Daddy
~warm (but not too hot or humid) spring/summer days
~spending time with my family
~a really good book

Oh, and massages, classical music, tulips, fresh garden fruits/vegetables, and first snowfalls =P


Jen said...

You were in 8th grade 10 years ago...OMG! It has been a busy decade, hasn't it.

KatieM said...

LoL, I figured that would put my age in perspective for a lot of people =P

Jen said...

Good list! I've been meaning to watch How I Met Your Mother. Lots of people have told me that I would like it.