Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Round-Up

Wow, if I would have waited another week it would have made a whopping 6 months since I said a word on here. There are a lot of reasons I havent had a voice in awhile, some are on hiatus right now, some are fixed, and others....well, they always linger in the background.

First, I just went through the most challenging semester of my life. Not that work was hard necessarily, but between my hours at school, clinical time, working (nights nonetheless), and trying to be a mom somewhere in there, I just couldnt give anymore of myself to anyone...hence the silence. Even writing, sharing....blogging...became another chore I was just not ready to undertake. My marriage took (another!) hard hit. Things are better and we are surviving, but because of many of the reasons listed all just went downhill fast. I never slept, I would go days at a time and get a few hours of sleep....I was sick, very sick....still recovering from that and not back to 100% just yet. Our finances....well....let's just say we are still here, it's not a happy place, but we havent drowned yet....thanks to gracious gifts from family. However, the house is back on the market and we are keeping our fingers crossed. We still have money for gas and food....just can't get them on the same week.

But it's summer now, Im getting a break from school and spending my days with little man. Im thankful for getting this time with him because I know when the semester starts again, he wont get as much attention from me as I would like. However, I will say, I love the daycare we take him to, and its wonderful for him to get the social interaction.

I dont expect anyone to be reading this anymore, but I want to start writing again....for me...we shall see.


Anonymous said...

I'm still reading. In fact, I was just thinking about you yesterday (my sister with CF just started a hospital stay, and it made me wonder how you were doing). I'm glad to get an update, but I'm sorry life's been so rough lately. I hope things only go up from here.

Misty Dawn said...

I sure hope that next semester isn't as hard, but I'm sure it will be. Keep your chin up and keep your marriage going. Just remember this is the lowest point and there's no where but up from here! ((HUGS))

Christina said...

I'm still reading.