Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's wedding season

I have talked several times about my love/hate relationship with on this blog, and now that it's wedding season Im leaning more toward my hate state. Everytime I get on I see more pictures from weddings......acquaintances tying the knot, even people I had really good relationships with in high school, and then of course there are all the pictures of weddings that all of my acquaintances are going too.....yes blogland, love is in the air......BUT thats not the point of this post.

I started thinking about "the list" know, the wedding list, the invitation, the ticket in the door so to speak. Then I realize I have never made anyone's "list", apparently I suck that bad. And let me clarify that it's not like I expected too because I dont really keep up with anyone from my past, but still. Maybe it amazes me more how many people DO keep up with (apparently close enough to make "the list) a lot of people from our high school.....maybe it's small (pop 25,000) town thing. I was even on a sports team for 4 years with basically the same girls and nada.

However, in the six years Thomas and I have been together we have only been invited to 3 cousin's, Thomas' best friend, and my best friend since middle school, but we werent actually invited to the wedding because it was at the temple in Utah and we aren't LDS. Most of the people we work with are already married, and he never went to college so he doesnt have "college buddies". My experience in college was a bit untraditional so I never made "good friends" during those years. I graduated as fast as I could while living off campus and started in the workforce. I will say though, that now I am returning for a 2nd degree I have met several people who I consider "friends"...unfortunately, most of them are already married too......bummer.

Truthfully, none of this REALLY matters in the long run, but it sort of makes me feel lame and down on myself, even in my adulthood. It brings out the fact I never had a close group in high school or college. I was known by a lot of people, but didnt quite fit in all the way apparently. Like I's wedding season on and Im not invited....sad too, because I love weddings, haha.


jenn said...

I feel ya on this one- I think the hub & I have been invited to exactly two weddings & my sisters marriage blessing in 14 years together! In that time I went to maybe 2 family weddings on my own. On the one hand it's great because I am not constantly scrambling to find money for a gift, but on the other hand... I do really like weddings!
It seems most of my friends decide to do the very small family only wedding or the city hall thing.

Christina said...

The only weddings I've ever even been to are my own, my uncle's and my husband's uncle. I never seem to get invited to any either, weird now that I think about it...