Sunday, July 25, 2010

Better Me, Rule One

I will not feel guilty for sleeping on the weekends after working night shift. See, ever since I started nights, I've had a hard time sleeping during the day....occasionally its because we have something going on and I dont get a chance to sleep like I would like, but most of the time its because I have this "guilt" I am missing out on weekend time with Cullen and Thomas so I get up....then go back to work at night....completely exhausted.

So, my new rule is I wont feel guilty for sleeping 5-6 hours during the day on weekends. I spend every moment with Cullen from Monday morning until Friday it's not like I'm not around at all, and plus, Thomas needs to spend the time with Cullen sans Mommy.

Three cheers for saying good-bye to sleep deprivation and never going more than 24 hours without sleep =D


Jen said...

Cullen needs a well-rested mom (or at least a semi-rested mom) as much as anything!

joven said...

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