Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random fact

Well, more like a random bit of information about me....

I LOVE drinking coffee, but I hate the actual taste of plain coffee. See, basically I've decided that coffee is just a vector for my flavored cream and sugar (well, splenda) in the morning...yummy! So because I like said cream SO much I have to have STRONG coffee to counterbalance my love in order to prevent drinking "white" coffee (otherwise known as a latte, which I only like iced, not hot). Weak coffee makes me gag because it isn't "coffee-y" enough.

I am officially a coffee loving, coffee taste hating, strong coffee drinking, flavored cream loving gal =D


Jen said...

You sound exactly like me. I love coffee as long as it isn't black. Sunday morning I was enjoying Bailey's in my coffee...mmmmm!

Jen said...

Now I don't like coffee at all. I never have and can't drink it. :)