Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The minipill

Anyone out there in blogland on the minipill? Do you have any s/e from it? Like...affects on your libido perhaps? Because, I am having a HUGE issue with that now. Yes, I know that BFing mothers often have issues in that department, but this is more than a physical thing (I'm certainly not afraid to use lube when needed); it is a huge emotional libido thing.....it's not that I can't do it, it's that I dont WANT to do it. I'm not ashamed of my post baby bod, I'm not overly tired and Cullen is sleeping soundly through the night, so it's none of that. I can't think of anything else that might be causing it but my birth control. Before I started this pill, Thomas and I had sex (yes, we used back up AND it was GOOD sex) and this is my 3rd month on the minipill (Errin to be exact) and I can't even kiss him it is that low.....seriously, something has to be done.

Suggestions? Thoughts?


Mrslady1975 said...

Kat, I believe the mini pill tuened me into the devil. Really, I hated it. I had a huge contempt for people while on it. With that said, yes, it did affect my sex drive some but not so bad that I couldn't be "put into the mood." I don't recall the brand of mini-pill that I was taking but I know there is more the one brand. I am going to skip the whole "give it 3 months...body needs to ajdust" speil. It sounds like it's time to switch.


Cate said...

It definitely sounds like the pill to me hon. It affected me like that too. I still can't take bcp for that exact reason.

jenn said...

I know that bcp & I do not go together at all. I'm curious abou the mini-pill as I never took that one, but it certainly sounds like the culprit to me!

nancy said...

I was on the minipill after both girls and I never noticed anything at all. The minipill is progesterone-only - did you ever have to take progesterone for any of your cycles? Or to bring on a period? Did you have one then?

If it is the minipill, just go get an IUD put in. SO much better than the minipill - I had breakthrough bleeding ALL the time on it.

Sarah R said...

I didn't have a libido and I wasn't on any birth control. I think I was just consumed by baby and that's all I cared about (to be honest). I was (am) breastfeeding too, so I think that's part of it.

Eventually, the sex drive came back.