Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just because

1. My exes...are my exes for a reason, but I do wish them well.
2. Maybe I off my credit card.
3. I son and my husband for father he became the day Cullen was born.
4. People would say that...I am very accomplished for my age.
5. I don't understand...child abuse.
6. When I wake up in the morning…I look forward to coffee
7. I have mind most of the time
8. Life is full of...decisions
9. My past taught to be grateful, the beauty of nature and the importance of budget.
10. I get annoyed husband talks politics
11. Parties, but not something I do much of anymore.
12. I wish...I didn't have to worry so much
13. Dogs...are a lot of responsibility.
14. Cats...are something my husband likes.
15. Tomorrow is...the start of another work week.
16. I have a low tolerance for...people with no common sense and stupid drivers
17. If I had a million dollars...I would be less stressed
18. I'm totally terrified of...something happening to Cullen
19. I've come to realize that my last kiss...can always be better.
20. I am listening to...the hum of the dishwasher
21. I talk...a lot and to myself in the car.
22. My best friends...are few and far between.
23. My first real kiss...was picture perfect, honestly.
24. Love is...something that needs to be nurtured.
25. Marriage is...hard work, but rewarding in the end.
26. Somewhere, someone is it 5 o'clock yet?
27. I'll my children's mothers.
28. The last time I really cried was because...actually, I have no idea.
29. My cell phone is...changing in 3 days.
30. Before I go to bed...I check on my son one last time and say thank you to the man upstairs.
31. Right now I am thinking about...the change my life is about to take.
32. Babies are...pure bliss
33. Today I...cleaned the house.
34. Tomorrow I will be...fed-up with work again.
35. I really want to be...a better version of myself.

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nancy said...

That's nice you wish all your ex-es well. I don't. ~wink~